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#1 2023-11-19 04:13:34

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Refractainstaller - luks encryption

Just a query here as i was a bit stumped today when i was trying out refractainstaller base and gui. I figured out my issue with installation so just why im querying here.

On the system i snapshot i have --no-install-recommends as a flag in apt.conf.d, this is a spare computer i set up with no encryption and wanted to test refractasnapshot and installer as a backup option on the same computer but this time with encryption. So all i installed for that before the snapshot was cryptsetup and as is the case the install didnt bring in cryptsetup-initramfs due to --no-install-recommends.

The snapshot went ok and i proceeded to install on another computer, the installation went fine with refractainstaller gui and base ( i installed twice using both methods to be sure) until i tried booting and it went straight to initramfs prompt and couldnt find the luks encrypted device.

I know this is an edge case but it seems due to my error of not including cryptsetup-initramfs is the main problem in why the boot failed. Just thought maybe a little note could be used to prompt the user that cryptsetup-initramfs is not installed when using sys encryption options similar to grub-efi prompt in the refracta script both gui and cli?



#2 2023-11-19 12:48:56

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Re: Refractainstaller - luks encryption

Good idea. I have a note in the config file that says to make sure all the necessary cryptsetup packages are installed, but I don't list them, and that note is out of sight. Also, cryptsetup-initramfs is a Suggests, not a Recommends, so you still wouldn't have gotten it if you had not excluded Recommends.


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