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#1 2023-07-04 08:00:04

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can wine be usefull to get in Linux all driver from Windows?

The matter is in my case that I have a cheap but very good color laser printer from HP, the HP color 150a. Since years now. The photo printouts are fantastic. I did zoom very small identity photo from the trail way reductions card from my grand grand ma (Urgrossmutter / arrière grand-mère) to paper full size and have so a real portrait from her in real good quality.

But, no driver in Linux only a terribly complicate installation's procedure.

As in Windows you have nothing to install: Windows recognize itself the printer and you have nothing to do, I MUST have windows and dual boot because of that printer!

I have a 1 TB hard disk. Windows did accept to liberate the half of the disk but not the rest because of not movable files...

And I have no Windows installation's software and not know any more what kind of Windows installations software are possible on a disk having yet Windows.

All that because the absence of interest for and in the Linux world.

The best would be to use the Windows drivers from the standard windows installation (I did install myself nothing more: the HP color laser 150a (has also a name as Corean printer) is standard at Windows and automatic recognized.

Is that possible?

I didn't try with some smartphone as I don´t use that at al all (I have a 20 years old phone from my daughter as she was as child! She is now 35 !).

But perhaps would Andbox also offer possibilitiers?


#2 2023-07-04 09:22:02

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Re: can wine be usefull to get in Linux all driver from Windows?

AFAIK this particular printer is not supported by HPLIP: … ices/index

But looking for info I came across this: … y-227001-2
I would give it a go.


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