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#1 2023-03-29 21:06:42

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after Refracta-Snapshot...


I have the need to reinstall my most big partition (size of last refracta-snapshot: 7,8 GB). As I don't will overwrite my (already damaged but yet working partition), I will try to install first time on a stick (or, if not possible on an other HD partition, but I would really prefer a stick even if it become slower: if it good work, I can repeat the same operation later on the actual real own partition of the system!).

All refracta-tools are already pre installed.

The 64 GB stick is empty. It contain a partition sdb1 with 30 GB to unpack this big 7,8 GB iso file.

What is to do?


I did already try it using refractainstaller-gui. It was probably the wrong tool, as it did not ask for some Iso? But he did permit to see, that a lot of mist is in the actual: the system did long minutes run on a hidden dir ~/.cache/browser/Default/Cache/etc what can contain nothing really interesting. I did cancel the stupid process. But I have no 2 problems:

Problem 1:
In the future, I will avoid to copy such stupid enormous collections of informations but I did ignore until today her existence!

Problem 2:
I would really prefer to restart with the last version of my system without this stupids enormous ballast. Has linux adequate utilities usuable after the reinstallation, because I can not erase myself somewhat I don't know the existence!


An other question:

Probably is the error I did made that I didn't
- install the snapshot iso on a stick for ex. with refracta2usb
- restart with the stick, and after that
- with the live system started so from new stick
- use refracta-installer-GUI (is already on the stick as it is part of the initial system)
- to copy the live system into a different partition, on the hard disk or on a second disk.

I did not do it, because I would try to
- spare the long time needing to copy the big iso on the stick
- spare the long time needing to see, if I have success concerning the operation system itself
- and my data as well I can know then are present / working!
and only after that overwrite really actual version / snapshot version!

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#2 2023-03-30 19:03:04

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Re: after Refracta-Snapshot...

If you boot a live-usb, refractainstaller will install the running system. It doesn't need to ask for an iso.

~/.cache is in the rsync excludes list. If yours got copied, then something is wrong. Check the excludes list - /usr/lib/refractasnapshot/snapshot_excludes.list and make sure other excluded items did not get copied. Add anything else here that you want excluded.

In the config file, /etc/refractasnapshot.conf are some options for using compression to make the iso file smaller. You might want to uncomment one of them if you have not already done so. (look for mksq_opt)

You should be able to install to a partition on another usb stick just the same as if you installed to a partition on a hard disk.

I would make a plain backup of my important files without trying to squeeze them into an iso file.


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