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#1 2022-11-06 23:04:34

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Recovery after a badly failed update


I have a laptop with 2 drives in it, a 250Gb nVME and a 1TSSD, anyway I did something (unknown) silly and it will not boot at all,

It did have Beowulf,as that was current at installation. I have separated out the files so that the ssd was for data storedaway from the home directory. I want to save as much as possible from /Home/Me as possible, but fully expect to do a fresh install of Chimera.
Can I trust the inbuilt install guide not to wipe the ssd when I want the os on the nvme.

I know I will have to use a live installation to copy out from /home/me.

Any other suggestions?


#2 2022-11-07 01:45:18

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Re: Recovery after a badly failed update

Hi, in my experiences because it is a separate device it won't get hosed (deleted or formatted) unless you command it.

I think even a "set partitions automatically for..." depends on the device /dev/sda, /dev/sdb ,

I sometimes put an empty filename as a signal for similar devices. (edit hosed)

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#3 2022-11-07 09:15:56

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Re: Recovery after a badly failed update

If your SSD is on a separate mount point to that which the installer uses, it won't be touched.
(You just have to create the mount point again.)

(It is always best to have a separate backup anyway, in case of corruption, whatever O/S you use).

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#4 2022-11-07 17:20:29

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Re: Recovery after a badly failed update

The first thing I'd try is to boot a live DVD/USB, mount the SSD and scp everything I want to save to another system (plugging in an ethernet cable if necessary). Then mount the nVME drive and save anything I wanted or what might show what went wrong.

Then I would check the data looks OK on the destination system. After that I'd be happy to start trying to repair the broken system.

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#5 2022-11-07 20:15:19

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Re: Recovery after a badly failed update

Not quite a traditional option.
I would create another 15...20 GB partition on the nVME disk and install Chimera there.
After installation, you can move the /home directory Chimera to an SSD drive, fix the installed Beowulf, etc.


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