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#1 2022-09-11 15:40:02

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New torrent for chimaera, seeders needed.

There's a new torrent file for chimaera to include the updated live isos. All the installer isos are unchanged and still at 4.0.0. The four live isos are 4.0.2 and include a bugfix for the live installer.

Please seed. Thanks.

Here's the torrent file:

There's a magnet link at the bottom of this page:


#2 2023-01-24 10:58:15

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Re: New torrent for chimaera, seeders needed.

Hi, I have try to seed.
But no other sources.
I have try to manually download each files, but I can't get 100% on hash check...
I'm stuck at 99%...

I'm ok to keep seeding that, but it's annoying to be at 99% smile


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