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#1 2021-09-07 19:11:44

Is that so
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To Ralph And Some Others

ralph.ronnquist wrote:

Your account was invalidated on your own request. Welcome back.

Is that so?

So my 2nd message was not delivered to the developers mailing list, my bug report was suspiciously made unavailable, my forum account was deleted, then you removed my mail address from the developers mailing list, and you deleted the account I made specifically to reply to @golinux, then you maliciously restored back my bug report and wrote "We thought that's what you wanted, welcome back"...

All of that was based on my request? If that's how you've read my request (either here or via ralph.ronnquist at then you need to be retaught how to read.

You people are desperate to make everything look legit, I don't care whose done what, you're all admins, when one commits changes the others are able to view them.

By the way, the precautions you've made to make sure I don't register again now marks the majority of users as spam, you're a poor AI programmer.

You may now delete this account too, or keep it alive, I really don't care, I won't reply here anymore.

People of your kinds disgust me.

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#2 2021-09-07 19:56:20

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Re: To Ralph And Some Others


Yeah... was this really necessary?

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#3 2021-09-07 21:07:56

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Re: To Ralph And Some Others

This guy's shtick is so boring. I don't mind a good troll, but at least have some talent. Nothing more boring than a loud, no-talent troll.

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#4 2021-09-07 21:35:38

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Re: To Ralph And Some Others

Short memory, I guess.

Someone please delete my account plus all my posts, I've already changed my email into a non-existent email.

Your bug report was not removed.

You might find this site useful in the future:


#5 2021-09-08 08:39:58

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Re: To Ralph And Some Others

Yep, I remember those posts - seems this person has some kind of memory loss....

We will likely be better off without them. wink


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