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#1 2019-08-14 05:27:23

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Requesting bug reports


I submitted 2 bugs a few days ago, found them on the recent bug list page.

I sent an email to, and in the body used

`send <bugnumber>`

I received the log, but does that also subscribes me to future activity on the bug? I felt that instructions weren't clear on that point (friendly feedback wink).

Also, when using the `send` command, is preceding the bug number with `#` required (I'm so used to adding that when writing GitHub tickets or in commit messages).? The example in the bug docs wasn't clear to me, so I sent 2 separate emails, one using `#` and one without...


#2 2019-08-14 10:10:06

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Re: Requesting bug reports

To start a bug report, send email to
To add a follow-up message, send email to, where NNN is the bug number (without the '#')
I think you will get replies to the bug report. I can't tell what I got that's a reply to a bug report and what I got from the bug mailing list - thunderbird is not cooperating with my search efforts.


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