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Re: MATE Desktop - Suspend and Hibernate buttons missing

GNUser wrote:

@greenjeans: At this point we've hijacked this thread smile Nevertheless, I think I can help with your issue because I'm also a keyboard guy...

I have a ton of custom keybindings and they're essential to how I use my computer. I use xbindkeys instead of MATE's builtin "Keyboard Shortcuts" because I like to keep my keybindings in alphabetical order in a text file that I can easily edit (namely ~/.xbindkeysrc). With xbindkeys all my keybindings work in Devuan MATE, even if desktop is empty. I never have to click anywhere.

Just install xbindkeys, make sure that it autostarts (it should automatically take care of this for you--take a peek in Startup Applications after installing xbindkeys), and create ~/.xbindkeysrc with your keybindings. Here's a snippet from my ~/.xbindkeysrc to give you the idea (Mod4 is my GNU key, formerly known as Windows key):



Any time you update the file, xbindkeys needs to be restarted in order for changes to take effect. Enjoy!

Thanks for that! Will keep in mind as that looks like a very sane and simple way of doing keybindings.

Figured out the Mate issue though, always something simple....I had forgotten to check and re-do the conky settings when I migrated the build from openbox to mate, conky will work almost universally regardless of how you set it, but working-without-conflicting with Mate takes some specific settings. Need to set it to draw it's own window, and the own_window_type needs to be "override".
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