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#1 2019-04-19 13:21:17

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dev1usb image available for download

At the conference last week, we gave away some nice usb sticks that have
the Devuan logo imprinted on them. They were also supposed to contain a
multi-boot image with updated i386 and amd64 minimal-live and desktop-live

Due to time and hardware constraints, we didn't get to image the sticks
ahead of time, and we were scrambling to distribute the imaged sticks
during the conference. (Thanks to those who helped.)

As a consequence, some of you may have received blanks sticks, sticks that
are not bootable but have the iso files and or image file, or even a
correctly imaged and bootable stick.

If you have the image file (dev1usb.img_2019-03-28.img) you can just dd
(or cat) it to the whole device, not to a partition.

  dd if=dev1usb.img_2019-03-28.img of=/dev/sdX

The result will be a live-usb that uses grub to boot and gives you a
choice of the isos to boot. There will be a single fat32 partition, 3.2 GB
in size. You can create another partition in the additional free space and
use it for persistence or just storage.

If you want the image file, you can download it here:

It's a 3.2GB file. If you want the torrent file, here's a direct link to it. Get it while it's hot!



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