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#1 2016-12-03 21:07:47

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Unofficial Devuan-Live Isos

*** UPDATE: 2016-12-05
*** The amd64 iso has been replaced with one that boots. See reply post for details.

Unofficial Devuan-Live isos for i386 and amd64 are available. They've been available since May, but with the release of beta2, I've updated them and made some additions and corrections to the devuan themes. The full README is copied below. … vuan_live/

Please note that while these images were made with refractasnapshot, they are snapshots of pure Devuan. They are not the Refracta distribution. This is a live version of what you get (or what you're supposed to get) with an install from one of the official Devuan beta isos. Once the desktop, login and boot themes get packaged, an install from the official isos will look like this live version.

Important note: These live isos do not contain the familiar debian-installer. You can install with refractainstaller (details below) which is sufficient for most desktop/laptop situations. If you need lvm, raid, uefi or automatic partitioning, you'll need to install from one of the official isos.

note 2: There is no automatic wireless detection in these live isos. Wireless driver packages are included in the user's home directory, and you can install them manually. (more details below.)

- fsmithred



UPDATE: December 2, 2016
System was updated at the time of release of beta2. Software is up to date with the repository as of this writing.

For wireless drivers, see /home/devuan/wireless_drivers/00_README.wireless_packages.

This live image was created in the following manner:

Installed Devuan-Jessie-1.0.0-beta with XFCE4 in VirtualBox.
Added missing Clearlooks-Phenix-purpy theme, gtk2-engines and gtk3-engines-xfce.
Added refractasnapshot-base, refractainstaller-base and their dependencies. (see below)
Created live isohybrid image with refractasnapshot.

Start-Date: 2016-05-04  18:34:47
Commandline: apt-get --no-install-recommends -f install
Install: live-boot:amd64 (4.0.2-1, automatic), squashfs-tools:amd64 (4.2+20130409-2, automatic), live-config:amd64 (4.0.4-1, automatic), mtools:amd64 (4.0.18-2, automatic), isolinux:amd64 (6.03+dfsg-5+deb8u1, automatic), live-boot-initramfs-tools:amd64 (4.0.2-1, automatic), syslinux:amd64 (6.03+dfsg-5+deb8u1, automatic), xorriso:amd64 (1.3.2-1.1, automatic), syslinux-common:amd64 (6.03+dfsg-5+deb8u1, automatic), live-config-sysvinit:amd64 (4.0.4-1, automatic), rsync:amd64 (3.1.1-3, automatic), libisoburn1:amd64 (1.3.2-1.1, automatic)
End-Date: 2016-05-04  18:36:42

No other changes were made.* All software with the exception of refractasnapshot and refractainstaller came from the Devuan repository. No other software repositories are configured.

* Devuan themes for desktop, login screen and boot screen were added manually.

You can burn this iso to DVD or copy it to a usb thumb drive with the 'dd' command or 'cat' in exactly the same manner you would with other isohybrid images.

To install to hard drive, run 'refractainstaller' from a root terminal.
You do not need a network connection during the installation.
You will be asked a few questions, and then the running live system will be copied to the selected partition(s). Any configuration changes you made during the live session will be copied to the installation. There may be some excpetions to this, as certain system files are excluded from the copy.
See /usr/lib/refractainstaller/installer_exclude.list and /etc/refractainstaller.conf for details and additional options.

Once installed, you can create your own live-CD copy of your system, with your software and configuration changes by running 'refractasnapshot' from a root terminal.
See /usr/lib/refractasnapshot/snapshot_exclude.list and /etc/refractasnapshot.conf for configuration options.

- fsmithred       May 6, 2016

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#2 2016-12-05 23:48:26

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Re: Unofficial Devuan-Live Isos

The amd64 iso has been replaced. I screwed up. Thought I tested the iso before upload, but apparently I didn't, and it doesn't boot.

unofficial_live_devuan_beta_amd64_snapshot-20161203_0200.iso is the BAD ISO. If you downloaded this one, throw it away!

unofficial_live_devuan_beta_amd64_snapshot-20161205_2229.iso  is the replacement. This one boots.

I apologize for any inconvenience.



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