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#26 2017-07-14 21:05:49

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Re: Is Blackbox still today a recommended or outdated WM ?

fungus wrote:

Good to find you all, first note here.

I was recently sold to the idea of trying i3, with claims of being able to do it all and with minimal resources.
It is very different, it comes with a good manual but it may take some time to get used to.  So keep a hardcopy of the manual next to the keyboard and a reading light, if you are like me and work in the dark with a dark desktop smile

I use the i3 screenlocker in my Openbox vuu-do installs, I really like it, lightweight and lightning-fast.  i3 has some neat stuff.
Vuu-do GNU/Linux, minimal 64 and 32 bit Devuan-based openbox and mate systems to build on, maximal versions if you prefer your linux fully-loaded.

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#27 2017-07-15 20:09:09

From: Any witch way
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Re: Is Blackbox still today a recommended or outdated WM ?

it is like it is not even running ...

But it takes me so much time to get used to the hot-keys and having an index card with my poor tired eyes is not helping.
I like dark desktops and working in the dark.  I have an enlarged white picture I alt-tab maximized for light smile

I still go for openbox utilizing some lazyman's lxde gadgets


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