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#1 2023-07-13 14:14:22

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PHP joke

I have been purchasing stuff off Jack Ma's Aliexpress for yonks, works like a charm, just gets better (except for the British VAT.)
Often I am unable to login because the PHP is not working right (because PHP is crap.)
I suppose I could try the Aliexpress Android app.
When I need to login and chromium, firefox, falkon etc. fails, I use my mums Windows 10 with Edge browser, and it works.
For what it's worth, rather than keystroke, I open Notepad, and Ctrl C Ctrl V my password, Pentagon, CIA, State Department, thank you very much . Or Airplane mode.


#2 2023-07-14 01:17:51

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Re: PHP joke

Set Firefox to "Accept all spyware" and enable "Block dangerous and deceptive content according to Google" as well as "OSCP querying trustworthy servers". Then use the Noscript extension to "permanently allow" all five gazillion analytics services required to make the website function, and see if it works.


#3 2023-07-14 01:48:33

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Re: PHP joke


andyp67 wrote:

... purchasing stuff off Jack Ma's Aliexpress ...
... unable to login because the PHP is not working right ...

I also purchase things from Aliexpress, no problems logging in.
I use Firefox 102+uBlock Origin for most if not all my web activity.
Everything goes through Pi-Hole set up as a recursive DNS server in a VM inside my Devuan box.

Am I missing something?



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#4 2023-07-14 15:47:45

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Re: PHP joke

I know CCleaner and uBlock Origin are Windows friends.
I do not have webext-ublock-origin-chromium installed.
I run a super pristine snapshot, from startx.
My desktop, PCManFM UXTerm Beaver Chromium. (Viewnior Xpdf useful.)

Pre snapshot;
apt-get --no-install-recommends install chromium
rm -r /var/cache/apt/archives/*
user startx, open Chromium, settings - everything off, Intrusive ads - Any site you can visit can show any ad to you (Ads are blocked by browser is questionable.)
console; cp -r .config/chromium _chromium (running snapshot rm -r .config/chromium cp -r _chromium .config/chromium
dpkg -P chromium chromium-common

Boot snapshot toram,
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
dpkg -i -R /mnt/root/_browser # folder containing chromium chromium-common
apt-get update | upgrade
user, startx, open Chromium (creates .config/chromium,) Exit, Logout, substitute .config/chromium, startx

Yesterday Aliexpress login failed, today success, the problem is not my end, happens all the time.
Yesterday with Android, got the Aliexpress app from apk20 dot com, success. Android won the battle with my browser.
I think it is hacking Pentagon et all cat and mouse with Alibaba Aliexpress. Or maybe it's 'Jeff.'
My parcel by BRI (Belt and Road Initiative,) is in Britain faster than HM Customs to my door because of the wankers who run this Z World bordello nation that I live in.
Apart from the price is the availability of the product.
I still think PHP is crap.
If only I was a tree, perhaps I could log on.


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