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#1 2023-02-03 22:23:18

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Regarding FDE - /Boot and gparted in vms, reason why its in OT below:

I only posted this here, because of one thing specifically, its because I am speaking of doing this with regards to Hyperbola.

Does anyone know how to use gparted, or gpart to disable encryption temporarily in luks, so I can resize the vm, but without increasing the size on  the physical disk but make sure that it is available in the virtual disk.

Right now for example, I have a qcow2 that uses 8.4GB but,  it has 118GB virtual disk size in it.

Reason being, I want to be able to copy the qcow2 to disk whenever needed without any annoying problems, of space getting used up too much.

I also wanted to make a few variants of it.




and still have the 118GB of course. smile

The non used space though, I don't want to take up physical space on disk though.

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