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#1 2022-12-25 03:45:31

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How to Partition *and* Encrypt with LVM

I get to the partitioning step in Uhuru (64bit AMD) and attempt to set up one partition (/dev/sda1) for encryption and the other (/dev/sda2) for cleartext.   From there I would like to be able to use LVM to complete my partitioning.   If there is an easy way to do this using the installer, then I must be missing it.

I can check the encrypt box, but only if I request formatting for, say, ext4.   If I request "unformatted" (since I will be using LVM, and there is no "LVM" formatting option, per se), then the checkbox disappears and only comes back if I select one of the other formats.    Of course, the LVM checkbox is available in the listing on the bottom.   The problem is getting LVM *and* encryption both.

I've tried several times with this release of Star.   I've had good luck with Devuan and Refracta, but for some reason, I cannot seem to figure out how to do what I want using the Uhuru installer.   Furthermore, depending on the steps I take, I find that the installer crashes completely (even after a fresh reboot).  I have 1G ram, 1 vCPU, and 20GB disk space.

Rather than try to analyze what I am doing wrong, I'd prefer to be instructed on how to do it the Star Linux way.   If someone could test the solution, that would really be helpful, and I'd be very grateful.  Thanks for your help, if you can.

Apparently, obsolescence has become deprecated.  (But I wonder if it really feels hurt by that.)


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