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#1 2022-09-09 04:24:04

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Upgrading Nvtop on Devuan

What is nvtop, and why should you use it? It's programmed to look and behave like the popular htop, but instead of tracking the actively running processes on your CPU and RAM, it focuses on your GPU by displaying a plot, fan percentage, power consumption, frequency usage (both GPU and VRAM), and temperature. And, just like htop, nvtop correctly shows which processes are GPU-bound, and how much they are requiring from it. You can configure it with F2 to how you want it to display and save the configuration with F12. If you don't need the plot, run it as nvtop --no-plot, but check its manual with man nvtop for other usage instructions.

You can check its official repository over at GitHub.

Like the issue of firmware-amd-graphics (solution provided), some packages from Devuan Ceres are pretty old. The current version is at 1.2.2-1, while the latest upstream version is at 2.0-2. It also curiously only picks up Nvidia GPUs, while AMD GPUs are now supported. Keep in mind that nvtop only supports newer GPU hardware (i.e. not older than five years), so if you got an HD 6450 laying around, you're shit out of luck.

Before compiling, make sure you got the required dependencies (we'll assume a build for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs):

apt install cmake git libdrm-dev libncurses-dev libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev

With those dependencies installed, it's time to get on with the process:

git clone
mkdir -p nvtop/build && cd nvtop/build
sudo make install

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