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#1 2021-08-17 06:43:01

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pls help me to find a way to move the minimal live CD to the HD

to install it as tested in RAM.

(as SliTaz did use such ways more than 15 y. along ( see pls ) I assume that it would be possible to proceed analogue with other distributions. Ok with the initrd split like Russian dolls (justCLI, CLI, CLIwithSliTazCLItools, justX, current), SliTaz is going / did go a bit wider as all other distros)

actually only the install ISO's from Chimaera are beta.

are the other one's also coming?

(I would find the "live ISO" 's more useful as installations ISO's if they would contain links or elinks as well as a collection of howto.html's for

- installation through debootstrap,
- installation from an utility to split the CLI screen in two half,
- start from wlan / wifi / internet / networking from CLI
- add or change the shell language
- proposal from everage / wider CLI installation (as links or elinks already present: alsa stuff, nano or vim if not also present (has not to be if it is possible to post install them "live" exact as the user prefers!), sc, didiwiki (is the best smart writting system in links! fatt, italic, underlined are possible, tables also, perhaps pictures in text if using some system graphic extension as it was possible in the past to use the browser arachnea also in linux!), cups (yes cups is working well in CLI!), sc, plot, wordgrinder etc.)
- proposal for minimal graphic extensions / minimal X start for ex. through ratpoison (man pages have to be present in the packages, better more pages with examples of usages)

such html pages are very compact and a set in English is no ballast for such a minimal iso (less ballast as two or more editors or CLI browsers!)


#2 2021-08-17 12:44:34

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Re: pls help me to find a way to move the minimal live CD to the HD

See my "SharpBang" menuentry here: … rub.cfg#L7

The loopback line & fromis= statement declare the full path to the location of the ISO image.

EDIT: hd1,gpt3 in the loopback line translates to /dev/sdb3 (or /dev/nvme0n2p3 in my case).

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antifa ftw!


#3 2021-08-17 16:21:07

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Re: pls help me to find a way to move the minimal live CD to the HD

The only reason the live isos are named 'alpha' right now is because they were the first set that I uploaded. You can consider them to be betas. I will probably make new live isos in a week or two.


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