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#1 2021-07-22 22:27:53

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My chimaera install issues #7: Confusing choice of background image

(This is part of a series of posts following my installation of Devuan Chimaera; for more information see the first post).

In one of the desktop environments I logged with - don't remember if it was Cinnamon, or LXQt+Muffin, or both - the background image was the same background image as the login screen.

This is not a bug, but I believe it's not a good idea for this to be the case. It is somewhat confusing/disorienting, especially for newbie users. At the very least use some color scheme variation. Alternatively, it should not be difficult to have, say, another version of the "software freedom your way" with the location of the D, and the text, and the distro name shuffled up a bit. Or just a large D exceeding the viewport dimensions. 10 minutes work.

Another option is petition FOSS-supporting graphics people to contribute additional background images for better variety.

(Next post in the series: Issue #8)

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