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#1 2021-07-14 20:33:51

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really possible?

howto (available)?

in the (about) empty partition that I will use there is a file present I will not hold in it but the power of "root" is there not enough to eraste (not trash) it:

Could not delete file :"deepin_serurity_verify.whitelist".
Error removing file /mnt/sda8/var/lieb/deepin/deepin_serurity_verify.whitelist: Operation not permitted.

How to force to erase it before I install fresh without to format (as I will preserve my other files in that partition! It is important for me!)?

does Devuan itself format the installation's partition

- in normal case?
- installing through debootstrap?


#2 2021-07-15 06:50:07

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Re: debootstrap

If it seems unlikely that a process still holds the file then please check the attribute of tha file

> lsattr /mnt/sda8/var/lieb/deepin/deepin_serurity_verify.whitelist

Linux - be root
Windows systemd - reboot


#3 2021-07-15 16:01:39

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Re: debootstrap

Also check if the filesystem it is in is mounted read-only, Eg mount | grep /mnt/sd8

If all else fails copy everything you want to keep from that filesystem to somewhere safe, then re-format it.



#4 2021-07-15 20:56:26

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Re: debootstrap


is there some Devuan wiki with perhaps a specific page about debootstrap?

Thank you very much for the infos conc. the second part of my problem (the old protected Deepin file in the partition).

denk_mal: very good info: the file has 2 flags: ----i---------e---- !
I have now to find a way how to erase them...

mount | grep /mnt/sd8
1234:~# ┌─( root ) » { ~ }

I suppose it is not.
but reformat is not a good idea because it does not preserve the other files present the drive.

better would be for me to remove the 2 flags...

but I think actually about the sens or nonsens to reinstall directly in that partition....

(although the problem stay the same concerning the blocked file: why preserve files without use on the disk if I reinstall using debootstrap?)

Thank you very much
kind regards

EDIT later: the problem with the flag -i is solved, see separate message . I know need only the info conc. debootstrap itself

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#5 2021-07-16 10:48:44

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Re: debootstrap

Here is my procedure for a debootstrap install. See 'man debootstrap' for other options.

chroot-dir is the directory where you want to do the debootstrap install. If you mount a separate volume for that, then chroot-dir is the mountpoint. Call it whatever you want.

debootstrap --arch amd64 chimaera chroot-dir

# Copy files to the new system. Example:
cp /boot/grub/splash.png chroot-dir/boot/grub/

Mount some things and chroot into the new system to make additions and changes.

mount --bind /proc chroot-dir/proc
mount --bind /sys chroot-dir/sys
mount --bind /dev chroot-dir/dev
mount --bind /dev/pts chroot-dir/dev/pts

chroot /chroot-dir

Install kernel and other packages
Install grub or other bootloader  (run grub-install and update-grub)
Edit configs
Create root password
Create user

Leave the chroot:


Unmount stuff:

umount -l chroot-dir/dev/pts
umount -l chroot-dir/dev/
umount -l chroot-dir/sys
umount -l chroot-dir/proc

# And if it's a separate volume:
umount -l chroot-dir


#6 2021-07-16 17:24:34

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Re: debootstrap

I thought it being marked immutable would be the most likely explanation.

The easiest way to find out how to fix it would have been to read the man page for lsattr, then the related command chattr that refers to. If someone recommends a command you are not familiar with it's always a good idea to read it's man page first.



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