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#1 2020-10-09 10:29:51

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ISO to test: Devuan + Exegnulinux + LinuxCNC + stuff remaster

Hi friends of Devuan and it's desendents!

This is my remaster of Exegnulinux + LinuxCNC 2.8 + HTML Docs, NCAM, PREEMPT Kernel, smictrl, ... and a whole toolkit with
F-Engrave, dmap2gcode, g-Code_Ripper, pycam 0.7, dxf2gcode, pcb2gcode & pcb2gcodeGUI, KiCad, Gimp, Inkscape, Slic3r, Printrun, OpenScad ... and some more smile

Architecture: amd64 … 8_2302.iso … iso.sha256

Please feel free to test an give feedback smile


PWD/UID: root/root and user/user


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#2 2020-10-11 16:02:41

From: Exmouth, South West England
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Re: ISO to test: Devuan + Exegnulinux + LinuxCNC + stuff remaster

Cheers Nik..

Your exegnu remaster boots fine and fast here from usb. A short cmdline addition e.g. lang=en_GB sets both locale and keyboard for en_US/GB or ES on boot. I just discovered your rt kernel runs well on one old hp laptop here, better than the standard kernel which did not.

Although I don't need some of your special applications included, this is a good test ISO for some of the core exegnu functions, in particular internationalisation, installer and some live-config scripts (which maybe need some updating). It's also a good, successful test for refractasnapshot.

Well done and thanks!



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