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#26 2020-05-09 14:15:50

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Re: HyperbolaBSD Roadmap relevance to Devuan

May be it is a good idea to isolate almost all programs and services like Qubes does, but using many dedicated single boards with SoC CPUs immune to Spectre like Cortex A7 instead of XEN for everything on the same board?

As much as possible can be brought out to several boards with OpenBSD (say DNS, anonymous tunnel, different proxies, SSH gateways to local X86 servers, everything non significant what you see in pstree on your localhost now).

And the things where OBSD is not enough we can run on many Linuxes with a patched libre kernel like grsec or @anthrax and add different mandate controls like AppArmour and other?

Actually Linux is generally needed only for relatively high performance X86 boards to run WINE and some heavy applications, even a desktop can run on a dedicated OpenBSD single board with Xenocara X11 and several sub X11 per each non trusted application like IRC client, browsers, etc.
X11 host can be used for remote rendering without actual application running on it.

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#27 2020-05-24 15:39:43

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Re: HyperbolaBSD Roadmap relevance to Devuan

bimon wrote:

What do you think about following OpenBSD criticism? … enbsd.html

Many have agendas and usually those who blog about how crap or deficient something is or how another OS somehow got their first when it comes to security features sporting catchy acronyms, all while remaining mostly anonymous, they usually fall into that category.  They have picked apart a single facet of a project/product, focusing only on that, igoring all other aspects - only to suit a very specific agenda.  They write blogs - criticising others' work, instead of patches...

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