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#1 2019-02-11 05:23:56

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[Miyo-Basic] Calendar position fix

A YouTuber found an issue with Miyo-Basic...

When moving the panel to another position other than the bottom of the screen, the calendar still appears at the bottom of the screen when clicking on the clock. tongue

I apologize; this was an oversight on my part.

To fix this...

1. Open the Tint2 Settings application.
2. Click on the Clock tab.

Next to "Left click command", you will see the command used to open the calendar.

It looks like this...

yad --calendar --width=400 --borders=5 --button=gtk-close --posx=-1 --posy=-40 --skip-taskbar --undecorated --on-top

3. Replace --posx=-1 --posy=-40 with --mouse

It will then look like this...

yad --calendar --width=400 --borders=5 --button=gtk-close --mouse --skip-taskbar --undecorated --on-top

4. Click Apply.

The calendar will then appear at the correct position.

More references... … dar%20Fix/

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