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#1 2018-07-31 09:51:49

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"Console productivity" tools with Devuan ASCII?


I have the option to choose "Console productivity" tools with Devuan ASCII. I looked it up on the Internet and all I found was: "In addition, there are options for “Console productivity” with hundreds of CLI and TUI utils". … nce-060818

Do your recommend installing console productivity tools? Could you explain more precisely what it is? What kind of CLI and TUI utils are included?   



#2 2018-07-31 14:07:07

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Re: "Console productivity" tools with Devuan ASCII?

Not sure it answers your query, but task-console-productivity pulls in tasksel as dependency, and the following as "recommends":

abook, alsa-utils, apcalc, aspell, aspell-en, bastet, beep, bind9-host, bittornado,
bombardier, brltty, bsdgames, caca-utils, calcurse, cavezofphear, clex, cmatrix,
cowsay, crawl, curl, curseofwar, dialog, dnsutils, dvtm, ed, edbrowse, eject, empire,
entr, espeak, espeak-ng-espeak, espeakup, fbi, fbterm, fetchmail, figlet, fortune-mod,
fortunes-min, freesweep, ftp, gddrescue, gdisk, geoip-bin, ghostscript, gnuchess,
gnupg, gnupg-agent, gnupg2, gpm, greed, hasciicam, htop, iftop, imagemagick, iotop,
irssi, iw, jhead, lftp, links2, lrzsz, man-db, manpages, manpages-dev, matanza, mc,
mcabber, minicom, mlocate, moc, moria, mosh, msmtp, mtr-tiny, multitail, mutt, ncdu,
net-tools, netcat, nethack-console, nfacct, ninvaders, nrss, omega-rpg,
openssh-client, openssh-server, pacman4console, parallel, parted, pciutils, pente,
poppler-utils, procmail, psmisc, radio, rename, rpl, rsync, sc, screen, sox, sudo,
sudoku, taskwarrior, telnet, termsaver, time, tin, tmux, toilet, toilet-fonts,
traceroute, ttyrec, unzip, w3m, wavemon, wget, whois, wireless-tools,
wpasupplicant, yasr, zile, zsh


#3 2018-07-31 14:24:45

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Re: "Console productivity" tools with Devuan ASCII?

Hello, HextorBRX.


included this terminal apps:

  - _Base system_: bash, busybox, consoledata, GNU coreutils, dash,
    dialog, locales, syslinux, sysvinit, util-linux-locales, zsh

  - _Admin/Recovery_: debootstrap, entr, gddrescue, gdisk, htop,
    iftop, iotop, mtr-tiny, multitail, ncdu, parted, wavemon,
    wireless-tools, wpa_supplicant

  - _Editors_: vim-tiny, zile (Emacs clone), nano

  - _Networking_: bittornado, curl, edbrowse, fetchmail, ftp, irssi,
    lftp, links2, mcabber, minicom, mosh, msmtp, mutt, netcat, nrss,
    openssh-client, openssh-server, procmail, rsync, setnet, telnet,
    tin, twidge, w3m, wget

  - _Personal_productivity_: abook, aspell, calcurse, clex, dvtm,
    fbi/fbgs, fbterm, ghostscript, gpg, mc, parallel, sc, screen,
    taskwarrior, tmux

  - _Programming_ languages_: ANSI C (tcc + libc6-dev), Perl
    (minimal), python (minimal), awk (gawk), guile

  - _Games_: bastet, bombardier, bsdgames, cavezofphear, crawl,
    curseofwar, empire, freesweep, gnuchess, greed, matanza, moria,
    nethack, ninvaders, omega-rpg, pacman4console, pente, sudoku

  - _Accessibility_: beep, brltty, espeak, espeakup, yasr

  - _Multimedia_: caca-utils, hasciicam, imagemagick, jhead, moc,
    radio, sox
  - _Miscellanea_: cmatrix, cowsay, figlet, fortune-mod, gpm,
    termsaver, toilet, ttyrec

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