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#1 Re: Forum Feedback » How to post? » 2017-09-27 19:09:03

If you were to read the second descriptions and headers you would have gotten an idea for why you can't open a topic there (further if you went looking on the forum, you would have found this topic, which explains it somewhat as well).

#2 Documentation » Touchscreen Calibration in ASCII » 2017-09-25 04:53:18

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If you use a touchscreen and move from Devuan "Jessie" to Devuan "ASCII" you may notice that the xinput-calibrator command no long actually calibrates the screen (Currently this program is reported to calibrate for Toughbook CF-29 and Toughbook CF-30 devices), or doesn't calibrate it properly.

Now in order to get around this you can use a script created by Greg Toombs (reinderien) to calibrate your screen. Although it doesn't support all of the features that xinput-calibrator does, it does actually calibrate the touchscreens. The script is located here.

Installing the Requirements

The requirements are relatively small, Python 3 (provided by the python3 package), the tkinter module for python 3 (provided by python3-tk), and the numpy module for python 3 (provided by python3-numpy), I would also suggest installing git, so you can just get the code easier.

So to install these requirements do:

apt-get install python3 python3-tk python3-numpy

(for git, just add git at the end of the command)

Getting the program

Obtaining the program is relatively simple, if you have git just do the following:

git clone

if you don't have git, click here, and then click on: clone or download, and download the zip.
You will then have to extract it.

Using the program

Probably the simplest part of this, is just using the program, just go into the directory in which the program is, and do


If this doesn't work do

chmod +x xcal

and then try again.

After that follow the prompts. However you must run this in a terminal in order for you to be able to really use this program.

Please note that I am unsure of how to actually save the calibration between reboots, so for now you will need to rerun the program after each reboot. However, other than that, this works relatively well.

#3 News & Announcements » D1G is now on a new host! » 2017-08-10 20:01:16

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Yes, that is correct. Dev1Galaxy is now on a new host!

We are now hosted by new foundation infrastructure which is kindly provided by the Waag Society in Amsterdam. Please note this is not to be confused with Devuan's own infrastructure, which is currently hosted by Nextime and will be extended with other servers too, paid by the donations made to

Hopefully this host will be more reliable than the previous one. The migration went smoothly and users should not notice any differences or issues.

We at Dev1Galaxy would also like to thank ralph.ronnquist and Evilham, who handled the planning and the execution transition. And finally, to the Dev1Galaxy users ... thank you for being a part of the forums and making all this possible.

#5 Re: Off-topic » Just sayin' HI! » 2017-06-25 01:17:31

Sector11 wrote:

I'm new here.  Haven't even installed Devuan yet.  Only just installed DS9 the other day with a NetInstall.
Needs a lot of tweaking and colour fixes yet.

Downloaded the NetInstall version of Devuan it's due in place probably in the next couple of days.

Other than the "systemd" part is the Debian wiki still considered the place to go?


For Devuan Jessie, most Debian Jessie documentation is still applicable as they are rather similar as it is.

#6 News & Announcements » Can't register because you are a 'spammer'? » 2017-05-28 03:13:34

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Recently there has been at least one report of someone being unable to sign up due to being classified as a spammer. This post will explain explain why and how things can be resolved

How the System Works
The spam system on D1G uses several authentication methods. The most obvious is the question.  There is another one though. When you sign up, your IP and email address is checked against the online database of alleged spammers known as StopForumSpam (SFS)  If either result is positive, the forum will deny registration. Any attempts classified as spam will be reported to this service and thus future registration attempts will count as spam attempts regardless. Please note the Question for humans DOES NOT RESULT IN THIS. If you fail to answer the security question it will not count against you in this manner.

What to do if your registration attempt is classified as spam
First, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIGN UP AGAIN. I repeat, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIGN UP AGAIN. Doing so only makes things a bit harder to resolve and makes things take more time. Once this happens, go to to make sure that your email and/or IP is listed. Then connect to the IRC channel (freenode #d1g-users) and ping an administrator of the forums - golinux or Chanku or rrq.  Please tell us what email and username you used to register, the date of the registration and what the issue is. Remain online and at your computer. We will eventually respond. If you miss us or need to go and your issue is not resolved, please email us directly to us let us know what the issue is, what username you used and also the email you used to register.

I also suggest filing out this as well, especially if your name shows up during times outside of any attempted registration at D1G. If you show up multiple times, you need to get those resolved by either contacting the site that you tried to sign up on (which you may or may not remember) or request to be removed using the SFS request form. If you can not sign up due to this, please contact an administrator who can help create your account to bypass the SFS check.

How to make sure that you aren't accidentally classified as spam
The most effective thing you can do to make sure you aren't misidentified as spam? Do not attempt to register using TOR!

Before we continue, we do acknowledge that TOR is a wonderful tool and we have little issue if you use it after signing up. It is an unfortunate fact that some spammers use TOR to hide their actual IPs, and therefore some TOR exit nodes are tainted within SFS. If you absolutely MUST use TOR (IE: to bypass censorship), please check to make sure you aren't using anything that is tainted. If you are, or need help please contact us directly so we may help you.

We also wish to note that VPN usage, while allowed, may run into issues. It is NOT suggested to register using a VPN, but if you must please make sure the IP is not listed as a spammer. If you have issues we are willing to help.

Why don't you just disable SFS usage?
Unfortunately, that is not really something we can do. SFS checking has, at times, prevented human spammers. Further the automatic reporting allows for other forums to have up-to-date records on spammers. We do feel that since we are using the service, we should contribute as well, in order to help SFS and other forums fight spam (an issue that all forums generally have issues with).

While this method is not perfect, it is the best we can do at this time. We do hope that you understand.

#7 Re: Forum Feedback » Discussion on possible new spam control » 2017-01-25 04:27:27

Although, if someone is willing to help out and create a way for us to use the SFS database in conjunction with our own (with some restrictions/requirements. Mainly regarding backup size) in an automated fashion, then we would be willing to do that as well (whether or not it's in place of, or in conjunction with this plan is up to what occurs.).

Well at least I would be willing to do that, I doubt golinux would have strong objections to that either, especially since it would require less work for everyone after it's implemented. tongue

However if we could stay on topic and hear feedback on this plan, that would be nice smile

#8 Re: Forum Feedback » SEO / URLs » 2016-12-31 01:11:52

The redirect should be setup now

#9 Re: Forum Feedback » SEO / URLs » 2016-12-27 02:48:12

bobemoe wrote:

I'm a bit worried it might take a SEO hit because of duplicate content issues.  Specifically the www and index.php issues described here: … e-content/

Additionally when accessing the forum with www. in the URL, the login cookies aren't shared across the subdomain. Meaning I can be logged in on www. and logged out on the non-www domain of the same site. Potential here for usability confusion, especially if search engines index both "versions" of the site and I arrive from a link different from that which I have open in another tab. The above link explains how to add a rewrite rule to redirect www to non-www or visa versa which removes these concerns.

First to address the issue between the www and non-www domains and logins. I believe this is because of how FluxBB works, I think, It assumes all traffic is coming from the root url, that is in our case. However it isn't.

Secondly the link assumes we use Apache for our web-server. We don't and instead went with nginx. However I went ahead and modified the nameserver to redirect to so this issue should be fixed soon (if it doesn't I've obviously screwed something up and I'll have to fix it tongue)

This fluxbb module looks like it would solve the index.php issue. … ssentials/
It also adds keywords to the URLs, used to be good SEO practice, though current thoughts are that it's not so necessary these days: … -redundant
If you do use that module, I'd add it to a staging or dev site first and make sure the old URLs are correctly 301 redirected to the new ones, or it could cause a SEO hit to any pages that have already been indexed.  Best to do it while the site is small and new rather than further down the line though.

This hasn't been updated to be compatible with our version of FluxBB, which is version 1.5.10. Further I'm unsure if this really is that big of an issue though...

#10 Re: Forum Feedback » [SPLIT] URL post limitations » 2016-12-07 23:07:25

Also I'm going to go ahead and double post here really quick. As far as I can tell that can not be done on the forums without modifications to the code of the forums that we may have to do ourselves.

#11 Re: Forum Feedback » [SPLIT] URL post limitations » 2016-12-07 22:54:22

Just a quick context note. The above post was apart of another thread in which a spam thread was created that had a link. As such this response was/is a suggestion to limit the ability of users to post URLs until a certain time.

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