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Touchscreen Calibration in ASCII

If you use a touchscreen and move from Devuan "Jessie" to Devuan "ASCII" you may notice that the xinput-calibrator command no long actually calibrates the screen (Currently this program is reported to calibrate for Toughbook CF-29 and Toughbook CF-30 devices), or doesn't calibrate it properly.

Now in order to get around this you can use a script created by Greg Toombs (reinderien) to calibrate your screen. Although it doesn't support all of the features that xinput-calibrator does, it does actually calibrate the touchscreens. The script is located here.

Installing the Requirements

The requirements are relatively small, Python 3 (provided by the python3 package), the tkinter module for python 3 (provided by python3-tk), and the numpy module for python 3 (provided by python3-numpy), I would also suggest installing git, so you can just get the code easier.

So to install these requirements do:

apt-get install python3 python3-tk python3-numpy

(for git, just add git at the end of the command)

Getting the program

Obtaining the program is relatively simple, if you have git just do the following:

git clone

if you don't have git, click here, and then click on: clone or download, and download the zip.
You will then have to extract it.

Using the program

Probably the simplest part of this, is just using the program, just go into the directory in which the program is, and do


If this doesn't work do

chmod +x xcal

and then try again.

After that follow the prompts. However you must run this in a terminal in order for you to be able to really use this program.

Please note that I am unsure of how to actually save the calibration between reboots, so for now you will need to rerun the program after each reboot. However, other than that, this works relatively well.


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