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#1 Re: Devuan Derivatives » GNUinOS - Libre » 2022-11-08 20:51:32

recent i am using gnuinos and i very interesting with it
because it have update new and fast than devuan(although it is devuan-based) and it use runit make default instead sysvinit. I tried download chimara but netinstall, desktop install and live install, it display false positive of mouse and it make i press false all software but with newest version daedalus, it wont. I tried and i comfortable with daedalus version but it have a issue. i cannot install it, because it dont have a guide, tutorial or installer anything in live version. and yeah with text install version i almost cannot see what is displaying on the screen sad
I will very happy if you can fix issue, thank you!
P.s: recently all linux distribution based debian/devuan almost dont have new update with lastest kernel 6.x, some will have, some wont but i am regular user, i just want kernel lts for stable to use for work and daily, with me lastest will not bestest LOL , sorry for my english :3

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