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#1 Re: Forum Feedback » Please trim quotes in responses » 2021-10-04 02:07:10


No you moving the last three post won't bother me no way, I had an idea that that " quote essential segments of the posts " could be a mistake, did not know you had removed some posts, last few days tending to the yard /garden was in need of attention, I have many interests, including not limited to two art projects ongoing, acrylic on canvas and acrylic paint pour that some are used as backgrounds for detailed artwork always wish for more hours on that,  I don't always have time for the computer ( reason for moving away from 'Rolling Releases Bleeding Edge) but fixing this new install will be worth the effort could end up having to reinstalling that's OK ( I'm not an expert just only toe into advance user level )  Have to get that done this week fix or re-install, must do ( tomorrow posting swap partition Question. )

When I see that the reply is quoting all or most of the previous I don't read that, why would I read the same thing twice I'm not absent minded most days, if it's from a few posts back up  then using  ' replying to post No ** seems to be a  better way, it's a much  easier to read.
Just putting it out here is another way provide links to the post (if it's a long thread) instead of quoting ( … le-updates is a good example of that), they are on the right hand side of replies, the arrow pointing up = previous post being answered instead of quoting , the heart button = that works, makes the forum look tidier Using a quote box or big tick for the solution makes easier to find the solution also, instead of see all the distracting eyeball pollution. .

Good Luck
If you don't want the link in there scrub it . . .

#2 Re: Forum Feedback » Please trim quotes in responses » 2021-10-03 23:52:50


Hello could you explain

quote essential segments

um are you saying my first post is too long because I don't see any " Quotes in responses That are long there is a short 1/2 line from @PedroReina
That's it

#3 Re: Off-topic » Hello new neighbour » 2021-10-01 10:34:27


Hello to
and to

Thank You  both for the welcome, very nice.
I guess KDE has spoilt me XFCE is truely great and so is cinnamon and as good as they are I could not find the things KDE has, I learn't how to slim down KDE to smallish footprint, it's the widgets and the cube (love the cube) are what keeps me in KDE and most all it can be truely unique not resource hungry these days everything is good, apart from me stuffing up my swap partition
I'd Like to thank @Ralph Ronnquist for the help with registration yesterday, Thank You for the patience while I was having another brain fog ( maybe that should be my user name)

In next day or two I'll tackle the swap partition problem and reply to some posts elsewhere here
is there a time restraint on replying


#4 Off-topic » Hello new neighbour » 2021-10-01 07:45:23

Replies: 3

Hello to all

Well finally made the move to Devuan (Beowulf) yesterday 2021-09-31-Thursday and it was a long day and worth the effort as a long time kde user ( 10 years +) I did start with the intent of moving away from kde.

Started off with the Beowulf live iso that's got xfce that was interesting good just could not get used to the unfamiliar setup, never mind install it work it out when it's installed many hours later reinstalled using the cinnamon desktop found some thing easier to find again after a few hours had to stop was not getting any real progress so had to reinstall with old familiar sigh kde sigh.

When installing kde the default setting seemed to be ok, I fixed a few problems - the cdrom entries in the repos one thread here mentioned commenting that out and it worked also sudo didn't work in terminal tried to fix that and seemed to stay until after booting up this morning and huh worked, reboot  should have figured that but brain fog can be the problem sometimes more often than realized.

There is a problem that I did myself with swap and will need help with that (hopefully not reinstall) that'll be a new thread, a really big O0ops.

I think I do reasonable with running the Linux box considering my background, about 12 years ago forced to retire so bought a 2nd hand laptop just to see what this fuss about computers was all about it had M$ on it less than a month later I'm thinking this computing thing is crap it changes what I setup, if this the future, it was suggested from the shop I purchased the lappy from to try Linux well Ubuntu uh yeah that's what a lot of people start with wasn't like M$ except for a lowlife who was helping about three people finished off giving bad advice destroyed our data ( luckily I didn't have much back then)  and after reading as many topics that came up I soon discovered Distrowatch had a great four or five years with SolydK, bought a new desktop used Manjaro on and off distro hopping then going back to Manjaro that was five maybe six years.
Strange when you go back to in this case manjaro tend to notice the many changes including the forum.

What has pushed me away is the distro is more and more like M$ than ever many changes to the operating system that deny the user of customizing their machine to please them and their workflow, these examples might not seem big issues unless you think to yourself what else are they (systemd) up to with the other programmers and developers on the payroll.
When M$ is in the picture umm Big Dollars Means Big Power
Here is just one area of the changes -
1-The desktop cube used to have ability to have different wallpapers on every desktop that changed to all desktops have the one wallpaper,
ok says some it just must have been too time consuming, difficult or expensive to have someone maintain umm yeah o ok.
2-The desktop cube is no longer available, when the option was still there towards the end the cube did not work it slides.
3-The update last week disabled the Num pad I thought my keyboard was going glug glug glu, time for a new one.
Tux whispered in my ear try another distro's live session, that monday Jesse (Distrowatch) happened to roadtest Devuan Beowulf, well tried it last year and had problems wouldn't bootup well time has moved on and the review was brilliant that screamed out to me Hey yeah you come on over so I did ... oohh man so glad Devuan Beowolf iso loaded up, booted and installed.
There's another thing the OpenSuse Image writer for iso to usb was in the repos is now GONE in it place is some other thing nowhere near as good this new one burns the iso to usb only thing is not all iso burns work  :-(    sooo you never leave hah hah hah (couldn't resist that)

The comments are an observation of how Linux it seems is on a lathe being polished up to look brilliant, no matter how fine a sandpaper is used on the spindle of timber eventually it will break, that seems so sad that,

My comments are not meant to inflame or upset anyone.

quiz - Who stated this " When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
The plaque is on my kitchen wall oh and that's not the answer.
Stay cool
Thanks for reading
Will post about my swap partition blunder another day_need a coffee never intended to write so much, wow, the short version seemed almost arrogant, this version seems soo long.

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