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#1 Re: Installation » How to have updated firefox-esr in Chimaera? » 2021-10-25 16:09:38

I have no sound in abrowser 93 (=firefox 93) with alsa. And have no bluetooth with alsa.

#2 Re: Installation » alsa & bluetooth » 2021-10-25 15:51:12

Ogis1975 wrote:

It does not work. This package is not in repo. Tried to install it from devuan ceres repo and from debian sid repo, got the same result n blueman Connection Failed: No audio endpoints registered

Tried to reinstall all other packages like bluetoth, bluez blueman from ceres or sid - did not work.

The output of bluealsa-aplay -L

bluealsa-aplay: W: Couldn't get BlueALSA PCM list: The name org.bluealsa was not provided by any .service files

#3 Re: Installation » How to have updated firefox-esr in Chimaera? » 2021-10-24 23:49:41

andyprough wrote:
devadmin wrote:

Will try abrowser. Looks fresh and promising. (?)

If it's useful, here's my write-up on installing abrowser on Devuan by adding the Trisquel repo and doing some apt pinning - … ser-devuan

Oh, I jumped to some crazy way of installation.
The main problem that I have no idea where to find info about other distro's repositories? So invented smth like this:

wget -q -O- … ignkey.gpg | sudo apt-key add -

added this

deb etiona main
deb etiona-security main
deb etiona-updates main
deb etiona-backports main

and got abrowser_93.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1+10.0trisquel84_amd64.deb

It must have to be a very dirty hack big_smile

No dependencies and works fine. Excellent.

#4 Re: Installation » How to have updated firefox-esr in Chimaera? » 2021-10-24 23:36:10

andyprough wrote:

So hard, no one should ever try it.


Do not try this.

I've tried. But then I read on some Internet site the statement of the main dev. He said something like they are now more interested in adding new features than in security. Maybe this is a kind of prejudice, but I don't like such statements wink

#5 Re: Installation » How to have updated firefox-esr in Chimaera? » 2021-10-24 23:22:31

hevidevi wrote:
user_pref("dom.push.enabled", false);
user_pref("dom.push.connection.enabled", false); // [UNBREAK=true] [*PRIV=false] *TODO* unknown - assumed to be related to push notifications
user_pref("dom.push.userAgentID", "");  // user-agent ID for push services

Yes, works. Missed it. Thank you.

There are many ways to discover connections in Linux. Recently I found one more great tool  application level firewall. Very useful nowadays. Shows all connections per application can block internet access by process or using the list of addresses etc.

#6 Installation » alsa & bluetooth » 2021-10-23 21:37:47

Replies: 6

Does anybody know how to marry bluetooth and alsa?

#7 Re: Installation » How to have updated firefox-esr in Chimaera? » 2021-10-23 21:32:49

hevidevi wrote:

Im happy to stay with debians firefox-esr but if you wanted to add some level of security to a mozilla tarball (snaps and flatpaks should be avoided imo), then a good starting point is the custom user.js. I use a modified, custom version of this with a custom user-overrides.js

Hi. I was using the same but FF was trying to connect to mozilla site. So I had to block the push.mozilla.. etc on dns level and I cannot install addons anymore smile

I've tried ungoogled-chromium - good. Icecat - looks like abandoned. Will try abrowser. Looks fresh and promising. (?)

#8 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] sysvinit, runit, or OpenRC? » 2021-10-22 23:21:28

tried to replace it by runit and got some problems with TDE. So have to switch it back.

#9 Re: Other Issues » Devuan on Virtualbox share not working » 2021-10-19 00:53:34

and declared path to shared f. in Vbox itself with automount option. No changes in guest's fstab

#10 Re: Other Issues » Devuan on Virtualbox share not working » 2021-10-19 00:50:50

I installed chimaera on 6.1.26 r145957 virtualbox.

#11 Re: Other Issues » Devuan on Virtualbox share not working » 2021-10-19 00:28:38

I've just installed devuan from netinstall on Vbox. All share folders work fine:

in guest:

apt-get install build-essential module-assistant
m-a prepare

In my case headers were installed on this step

Attached guset cd, then
mount /media/cdrom
sh /media/cdrom/
lsmod | grep vboxguest

if everything is ok, then
adduser <vm_guest_user_name> vboxsf   


#12 Re: Other Issues » slow shutdown: remaining crypto disks busy failed » 2021-10-17 00:33:55

Mean "/" is mounted like    /dev/mapper/mycrypt  /overlay/ro

Works fine but cannot shutdown correctly.

#13 Re: Other Issues » slow shutdown: remaining crypto disks busy failed » 2021-10-14 22:58:47

After all if overlay fs is mounted on top of luks partition chimaera becomes locked on shutdown for ~half a minute.
Probably the bug is not solved completely in debian/devuan. ?

#14 Re: Other Issues » slow shutdown: remaining crypto disks busy failed » 2021-10-04 01:01:16

rolfie wrote:


Effectively, this one was not installed. Will try to recreate lvm on luks to check. Thanks.

#15 Re: Other Issues » slow shutdown: remaining crypto disks busy failed » 2021-10-03 00:10:07

no, chimaera
lsof gives nothing. Suppose the system itself keeps cryptsetup.
The problem appears only when I create lvm on luks and attach it. Just encrypted partition (no lvm on it) is ok. Have checked.

#16 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » incorrect screen size and keyboard not working after lid closure » 2021-10-02 19:17:35

Do you really need to hibernate? It writes down quite a lot to ssd or hard drive. May be you can disable hibernate and use suspend?
I had other problem with touchpad. Installed synclient added one command line " synclient..." in rc.local and it works. Probaly it"s not the best solution but it works.

#17 Other Issues » slow shutdown: remaining crypto disks busy failed » 2021-10-02 18:58:37

Replies: 7

I've added new luks partition put it in fstab and crypttab. The system boots with no problem. The partition behaves as expected, but when I reboot/shutdown I get this message:
stopping remaining crypto disks...sdb5_crypt (busy)...
stopping early crypto disks ...sdb5_crypt (busy) ...failed.

What is this? How can i get rid of it? It takes time and not sure it's good for file system. The luks partition is not yet in use, just clean and ext4 formatted.

#19 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Desktop.iso install: multiple problems » 2021-10-02 18:48:04

golinux wrote:

The question is . . . does Devuan include it in the Debian merge if not, using Debian repos directly could break things.  I cannot answer that question.  It is not listed on this page:

I'm using foreign repos. Usually I need very few packages and install dependencies from original repos. E.g. sparky-polkit is great. Got it from their repo.

Neither devuan nor debian has nomacs in their repos anymore. Pity. It's the best image viewer/redactor, imho. Had to install it from .deb

#20 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Desktop.iso install: multiple problems » 2021-10-02 18:36:47

GlennW wrote:

Seems to be available in the repos... testing and backports

GnuPG archive key for Debian FastTrack Repository

Yes, added echo 'deb bullseye-fasttrack main contrib non-free' | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/fasttrack.list

Ok, it means Devuan's one does not exist.

#21 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Desktop.iso install: multiple problems » 2021-10-01 18:39:40


Finally all these problems come from runit and some issues from TDE itself. Succesfully installed from netinstall with sysvint and TDE. Probably runit is not good with Devuan.

Do you know where I can find an exhaustive list of repos? Does fasttrack exists?

#22 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Desktop.iso install: multiple problems » 2021-09-28 19:52:51

No, I'm installing chimera. Thanks I read this. I was using sudo -i, or root account.

It seems now that problems come from runit. Not sure. I've reinstalled with netinstall, sysvinit and wpa_supplicant works. When runit is installed with "apt" all services start with runit. It's ok. But I've installed qemu/kvm, libvirt and Ko and got an error, something like "sysvinit not found". Runit?

Trying to install with sysvinit from very fresh netinstall iso. Looks much better. I have installed TDE. There are some new issues: virt-manaager complains about polkit, the DE is incapable to mount partition, can not open file with mpv in konkueror only in terminal. Probably I have to install some policy kit? Which one? I suppose DE should have one.

#23 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Desktop.iso install: multiple problems » 2021-09-28 16:54:56

I'm using "sudo -i" quite a long time in spite of the fact that I do not understand the difference between sudo -s  sudo -i etc.

Tried today this one: devuan_chimaera_4.0.beta-20210927_amd64_netinstall.iso Installation was ok. I have to provide 2 firmware from Installed in one partition no encryption with runit for test. But I can not get internet access. The error is wlan0 deauthenticating from by local choice (Reason: 3=DEAUTH_LEAVING).
After some search I got that proposed solutions do not work for me.

#24 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Desktop.iso install: multiple problems » 2021-09-27 21:44:45

entropyagent wrote:

Hi devadmin

I always feel personally insulted and "victim-blamed" by this question, but now I find myself asking it: 

1) Can you confirm that the image you wrote to your flashdrive, passes the checksum test?

2) Can you perhaps try another flashdrive? Maybe you were just unlucky.

These checks usually have little cost (unless, for example, you have to buy another flashdrive) , and they *could* save quite a bit of pain.

I have the idea that the install beta isos have been getting refreshed early in the week for a few weeks there might be a "20210927" edition soon?

It might also be useful to know more about the computer? Perhaps it just hates Chimaera.

A question for Devuan helpers: Is there a system "discovery" tool like inxi on the install or live media?

Good luck!

1) Yes the image is ok, flash drive - I do not know, but as installation was "half-successful" it should be ok too.
2) I gave up. Devuan is installed from live image.

Sure, it hates Devuan smile It still complains about some firmware.


I still have problems with zfs. It complains: invalid or corrupted cache file content.

I've no idea how people do that everything works? For example, I've tried literally dozens of "solutions" to get tap to click. Tap to click worked perfectly in default xfce, but  I wanted to try TDE. Finally it's solved. But I still do not have access to other partitions. I have no right. Trinity has no rights or permissions or I do not know what... no volume control, no "Fn+volume, Fn+backlight" etc ...

#25 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Desktop.iso install: multiple problems » 2021-09-27 01:47:41

ralph.ronnquist thanks for the answer.

I was using devuan beowulf installed from live for a while but had some small issues with fan, sensors not working etc. Devuan beowulf desktop dvd also required firmware for wifi, but those times it was expert install if I remember. Abandoned in favor of live iso. Popos has been before and bodhi was after. Fully compatible. But I want to go out from systemd. Devuan seems to be the only option for me in linux world. Rolling releases are not for me. Other options is bsd.

Is it better to install chimaera from live? Is there some manual to replace sysvinit by runit correctly?

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