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#1 Re: Devuan Derivatives » xfce4 icons missing in starlinux derivative » 2020-12-26 19:50:34

Mark this one solved?  The problem was that there were no icon themes installed.   

I installed gnome-icon-theme (and a couple others like Tango) and now it works fine.   Hope this helps others running into the same issue.  Also hope that future releases of Star Linux will include gnome-icon-theme as a dependency of gnome-like desktops.

#2 Devuan Derivatives » xfce4 icons missing in starlinux derivative » 2020-12-26 19:05:41

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I did a brand new install of xfce4 on star linux 3.0.0 (spock).   (64bit version.)  After install completed, as root I installed xfce4 via the meta package.  However, not everything got installed that way, so I went back and did a "apt install xfce4-*" which did install numerous additional packages.  I have installed lightdm and configured it for auto login of my regular user I created during install.

When the desktop came up for the first time, it was prompted to create the desktop and selected the default panel configuration.   But after this, the desktop was missing most of the icons.  The desktop actually does work.  I tried logging out and back in, rebooting etc.  No change.  I also tried creating another regular user, but that created the same desktop without all the icons.

When I go to Settings->Appearance and select the Icons tab, there are no choices; the desktop themes tab is fine and has many to choose from.

I did DDG search (on different system) on "xfce4 missing icons" and found there were quite a few hits -- I tried some of them (which varied greatly, btw) but to no avail.  The #devuan IRC folks helped me a bit, but suggested I post here.  We tried a few things, including making sure the icon theme was set to Adwaita.

The only "customization" I did during install (for which I used the expert mode) was the disk and file system configuration.  I'm using LVM and have an encrypted /home.   The /home and /var and /usr partitions are on separate partitions.   Not sure any of this has any impact, but I wanted to be upfront about deviations from typical installation procedures in case there might be any issues.

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