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#1 Installation » Why there is no devuan_beowulf_3.1.0_amd64-cd1.iso ? » 2021-03-04 10:16:31

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There s cd2-3-4 but no cd 1? Why is that? Am I missing something here? What should I do to burn them to cd now? I have old CD's laying around, I am so tired of rewriting linux to USB's everytime big_smile

#2 Installation » Does anybody develop for react/flutter/android in devuan? » 2021-02-22 22:00:23

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How's the performance? Does devuan's slow development cycle somehow negatively affects developing? Android is ok but react and flutter is always changing. I hate them both tbh but I need to work with them anyway. Would that cause a problem anyhow? If that does, I would prefer some rolling distro for that right now.

#3 Re: Installation » wicd broke when I changed unstable from stable, how do I install NM? » 2020-12-19 20:51:32

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

The latter method will let you drop wicd & NetworkManager entirely. They're both bloat anyway.

Wait. What if I reinstall, then remove wicd and install networkmanager, then update? How do you install networkmanager properly? I can't find any wiki about that. And I need to add it to sysvinit aswell?

#4 Installation » wicd broke when I changed unstable from stable, how do I install NM? » 2020-12-19 20:37:30

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Hi guys, I gotta say it's most likely wicd bug, I'll probably have to install networkmanager, I had problems with connman too before, in different systemd free distros.

So, I changed to unstable from testing. You know, changing the >apt>sources.list file. But I only changed two entries to ceres.

I only changed 2 entries, one in packages the other in sources:

deb ceres main

And the other one was like this, I didn't touch security and updates ones.

Then I run updates. After the restart, the wicd was gone. Even run application couldn't find it.

Now I don't even have internet either I cannot connect. How to connect to internet without wicd?

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