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#1 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Wireshark upgrade requires libsystemd0 » 2020-10-05 13:12:05

Fixed it like this:
- get the .deb of wireshark-common (apt-get get-deb-file)
- unpack the .deb (dpkg-deb -R) as fakeroot
- edit the DEBIAN/control file to lower the dependency of libsystemd0 from 246 to 243
- repack the .deb (dpkg-deb -b) as fakeroot
- install the .deb (dpkg -i)

And everything works fine.
Wireshark doesn't actually need libsystemd0 v246, except for one single thing, which is reading systemd journals, which don't exist in devuan anyways.
So it won"t be the worst idea to lower that dependency in the devuan repository, so users won't have to do the aforementioned procedure.

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