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#2 Desktop and Multimedia » [solved] Devuan Ceres -> Problematic debian-edu-artwork package » 2020-08-08 20:00:31

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Whenever i try to install something or delete it seems like i am unable to do that because of that:

root@devuan:/home/filip# apt-get remove debian-edu-artwork
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
The following packages will be REMOVED:
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 212 not upgraded.
1 not fully installed or removed.
After this operation, 73.7 kB disk space will be freed.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y
(Reading database ... 293192 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing debian-edu-artwork ( ...
update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for desktop-login-background
dpkg: error processing package debian-edu-artwork (--remove):
 installed debian-edu-artwork package post-removal script subprocess returned error exit status 2
dpkg: too many errors, stopping
Errors were encountered while processing:
Processing was halted because there were too many errors.
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I have no idea how to fix this, anybody can help???

Using devuan ceres


#3 Re: Off-topic » I am new to Linux however i dislike systemd » 2020-02-02 13:00:13

So i have bought libreboot machine (T500) but i am stuck with systemd arch linux now...

For my needs which is playing some linux games, browsing web this is enough for me... No issues with anything...
Maybe systemd is another OS inside linux thanks to systemctl or journalctl stuff but i am not sysadmin... :-(

#4 Hardware & System Configuration » connecting with wireless internet using dhcpcd and wpa_supplicant » 2019-01-15 00:24:03

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i had break with devuan cuz i been on artix for a while. as much as i liked the distro i had issues with internet.
however i managed to connect to wireless via terminall without using any networkmanagers and stuff

while atm i have connman ui setup for connecting wi-fi i really liked the dhcpcd thing
but the trouble is on arch linux i was able to create a hook between wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd.
i already created a folder in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf with wifi credentials
now i tried to create a hook but there is some folder missing

is it possible to use dhcpcd for wireless internet so i can delete network managers and stuff, of course i mean here on devuan.
i searched for it on and but i had no luck with finding any solution, results were mostly arch related especially arch wiki
there was debian wiki too but nothing really specific how to create a folder for a hook

please help. id like to connect to wireless network via terminal not any gui manager smile

thank you!

#5 Re: Devuan » A philosophical diatribe: How to avoid having users - and how not to » 2018-12-15 17:27:31

golinux i was only being sarcastic, that's it wink.

i mean just majority of linux users care about candy desktop environment or out of the box experience as i said. author of the topic mentioned being devuan bigger than ubuntu.
i doubt it that lots of people care about things like init system or non bloated distribution.

#6 Re: Devuan » A philosophical diatribe: How to avoid having users - and how not to » 2018-12-15 16:37:29

There is something about devuan kernel being outdated, the newest is like 419 i think, as far as i remember devuan had 410.
Not sure if that was directly related to devuan outdated kernel but once i wanted to tweak nouveau drivers via some cat *directory* and then echo 0f *directory* or something like this, and after i did this my OS was just freezing and had to reset.
Wheras on linux artix that has newer kernel, it never froze but well nouveau for nvidia sucked as it appeared, nouveau with my gpu model of nvidia sucks so maybe the outdated kernel is not that big issue, if even on newer kernel i couldnt get nouveau making nvidia gpu in laptop is use perform better than intel (optimus). also i read something that kernel 417 had some crap from nsa and google

However i have to say if you mentioned devuan being bigger than ubuntu i have to say this, from what i noticed and my personal experience majority of linux users, especially beginners, the most important thing they care about is how they desktop environment look like. I noticed that in general linux users will choose bloated distro with great candy graphics rather than devuan xfce.
If devuan team wants to be better than ubuntu, it should tweak a bit with xfce to make it look sweetier, so majority of ubuntu or gnome users will feel like yeah devuan xfce desktop looks much better than this fedora or ubuntu i have, lets hop to devuan big_smile. Its like im gonna use this distro cuz it has cool desktop environment better than others.
Whos gonna like devuan xfce if majority of people are used to candy manjaros, androids or apple iphones.... sad sad but true (or even windows 7)

Also what also helps is some distros have this option install alongside certain distro. if somebody is not familiar with partitioning and has been using some distro for a while then he probably doesnt wanna delete his current system, so this is when install alongside comes in handy.
And also popular distros autodetect gpu drivers so majority of users will use distro that gives them steam and their nvidia gpu configured out of the box...

Unfortunately i am the same, but most of linux users doesnt wanna unix experience or simplicity, i noticed average linux user feels great and superior over those who use windows, im super cuz i play steam games on linux and valve is amazing cuz i can play their games. i dont care about open source free games though for free open source system i use.
Whats even harder is almost everywhere they will sell you pc or laptop designed for windows 10. I went to store i wanted to buy some decent laptop with 8gb ram at least, and they sold me 4gb ram and some nvidia optimus gpu with intel sad. while intel 620 is not that bad for some games i have to say, i wish i could replace this geforce for more ram memory... Sad truth is sad, modern popular linux distros are becoming another windows or macos, and debates what should i use linux or windows??

edit; so basically if theres some war against systemd, i believe linux and microsoft are close to each other, so there isnt war against systemd there is war against microsoft and systemd itself, lets say microsoft and red hat, well government google and other counts too??

#7 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » What games do you play on Devuan?? » 2018-11-26 01:57:58

A poster above is not a gamer and i am the person who doesnt really go on youtube or reddit
but ill have quick read on wildfire, thanks for link smile

uhhh i can sayi m gamer cuz i played lots of my time but this is the windows thing you buy windows you download game and you play it
i wanna transform myself into being open-source gamer, so for that i basically wanna stop playing windows games via wine or playonlinux, this is the most important step (but i feel somehow addicted to them after years of playing, so its hard), try to play as many games from synaptic package manager as possible and then study how linux functions and manage to operate openbox, that i just downloaded today and so far so great.

I have to say that i used quite distributions maybe like tested them and for some reason i learnt few terminal commands on devuan not on fedora ubuntu or manjaro. Although i have to say that i really like linux mint, maybe it has systemd but honestly linux mint is the only distro i would recommend to anybody that is not really into this systemd stuff...
And devuan helps me with windows addiction so when im on the computer instead of playing windows games, i can learn to write bash scripts or get more into terminal, that's the difference smile.
Sometimes i wish wine or playonlinux hasn't existed, i think that playing open-source free games from linux synaptic package manager is not that big waste of time, especially if somebody has ever thought about writing own games, i think nowadays free open source is the way to go, however i am worried about steam, but then i believe that software shouldn't be written for profits in mind.

#8 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » What games do you play on Devuan?? » 2018-11-25 14:55:48

Ogis1975 wrote:

I don't play games at all. It's a pointless waste of time.

And what is not waste of time??

btw 0ad is kind of hard to me

by the time i have 5 soldiers and few buildings my enemy attacks me with 100 soldiers and hes got 40 buildings
game is really fast paced everytime i play it i feel like i cant relax for a moment with soldiers or buildings

and wesnoth is kind of long game, i played the campain with konrad and its kind of hard to get, idont know when to recall soldiers, and all this stuff....

another issue that i have is there are so many games in synaptic but being so used to convenient windows games, i usually dont get them.

#9 Re: Devuan » thank you devuan community devuan developers and linux creators » 2018-11-23 20:52:39

The season is nearly ended ;P
right now im running diablo 3 under nouveau and i have better experience than i had under proprietary nvidia drivers. mainly because my gpu doesnt overheat now like it does with closed-source nvidia.
so yeah im having amazing expierence but im slowly becoming bored of windows games so instead of just playing games im gonna learn linux and get into open-source
i tried quite much different distros and i have to say only devuan taught me basics of terminal
i realised other linux distros dont require knowledge of terminal they're designed to be similar to windows i realised
but devuan is i dont have to use terminal and im fine but in the same time i can use terminal and im fine as well + its fun to learn new stuff and i learn lots of stuff on devuan everyday ;D

#10 Re: Devuan » First impressions in Devuan » 2018-11-23 20:43:48

yeah i know why they killed ian murdock because he didnt want debian have systemd

now when hes dead they can put anything they want to debian

#11 Desktop and Multimedia » What games do you play on Devuan?? » 2018-11-23 20:28:43

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plenty of games from synaptic package manager, 0AD, Battle for Wesnoth, flare, runescape client

diablo 3, diablo 2

i use nouveau gpu, and i honestly dislike steam and other proprietary platforms (i play diablo and use blizzard service because im big fan of series)

maybe any nice games you recommend to check??

thanks smile

#12 Re: Intergalactic Communities » polacy jacyś są? :P :) » 2018-11-23 20:24:34

no hejka wink
widze ze nie jestem sam z polakow big_smile

#13 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Slow graphics under nouveau » 2018-11-23 20:21:14


for me nouveau driver is better than the proprietary nvidia for some cases

for example when i play diablo 3 using wine-staging via DRI_PRIME=1 (optimus nvidia gpu) i get nice FPS on legacy resolution but everything is on high whereas windows or proprietary nvidia drivers in general (i used to have them on devuan bumblebee nvidia) was heating my gpu very badly like 90-100 degrees or more was normal. the temperature was so high that i was scared my gpu's gonna burn
so i realised i get better fps and quality but in the same time the temperature of gpu becomes ridicolously high...
so i decided to ditch proprietary nvidia for open source nouveau, and so far (i bought laptop to play diablo 3) diablo 3 runs very well under nouveau.
games like path of exile for example were running great on proprietary but in the same time gpu temperature was becoming very high, id say slightly overheating...
so i decided to start a new philosphy for myself: i dont play games that are not playable under nouveau. if the game doesnt run well under nouveau it means it's crap game.
also noticed counter strike global offensive runs very badly. so no cs go for me smile and i dont feel like its a bad thing

#14 Re: Off-topic » I am new to Linux however i dislike systemd » 2018-11-23 19:23:57

i have seen minifree website before and id buy their laptop as soon as possible if i wasnt broke with money ;p
thanks for your post

i use gnu icecat browser version 56 (newest is 60) and its really good for my needs
is hyperbola arch based distro as i dont quite remember

#15 Re: Off-topic » I am new to Linux however i dislike systemd » 2018-10-07 20:49:16

Thanks for posting here :-).

uhh i wanna play open-source games, write codes, scripts, learn how to modify open-source games, how to write them, how they're made, read lots of books... Windows games and proprietary software make these things impossible because they are against this. If i decide to play world of warcarft i spend 10 hours leveling my character while in the same time i could play open-source games and learn how to code ;/.

However i don't know where to begin. I used to like games very much but now the older i am i feel like it's not just games but my passion for open-source started to grow... I can say that open-source games and software needs lots of effort of people, and i really wish i could somewhat make open-source software world better than it is right now but i don't even know where to start.
I started with choosing Devuan OS, now i should finally stop playing windows games and get into free open-source games. But where to start, maybe i should complete some popular open-source gnu/linux games like strategies or battle for wesnoth or others... I don't know.
I played BfW with konrad and mage however i got stuck while killing queen in very last mission.
I also enjoyed playing baldurs gate however i didnt complete it and its not open-source at all...

I feel like proprietary windows online rpg games like world of warcraft, runescape and other just consume my brain ;/. I wish i could change that and stop playing windows online games at all and get into open-source online games. And if i don't like something in this game instead of begging developers for changing, i'd be able to change something for my needs.
Another thing is that i like Audacity and i am pretty sure it is somehow possible to modify this program for your own needs as well...

#17 Re: Off-topic » Music » 2018-10-06 21:58:04

dxrobertson wrote:
cynicfm wrote:

I never understood people who listen to music on youtube. why??

1. the sound quality is very bad
2. google tracks you and sells data about you. You care about privacy yet u use google services??

Can't u afford CD's??

I listen to music on youtube more than any other source.  Its not just the audio, I much enjoy watching live performances as well as non-live video; both official releases and ones that common folk have made themselves.  Sound quality varies by individual video, most of what I find is "good enough".

Google isnt the only company selling my/your data.  Practically every company that has any personal data is selling it.  It cant be avoided.

I personally prefer not to have a vast CD collection.  I have what I bought, mostly in the 90s.  Prefer mp3 and other digital format these days.  If I really like something and want to support the artist, I will buy and download the digital release.

Okay, don't you know that youtube kills music industry, because everybody goes on youtube it's like listening to music you demand not the music you own. Because u have such a big choice of different music on the website, you become addicted to it and you become google slave. You're not supporting artits you're supporting google much more.
And yeah, i don't mind companies selling my data, but i do mind giving my data to google.cuz i think they're evil.
I used to listen to music too in the past, of course, but now i have cd's, i have records, i have headphones, i have amps, i care about good sound, and it's too much to explain it's not hi-fi forum, but i can only say that listening to music on youtube is disrespectful towards artist and mainly to yourself smile.
And id never support any musicians that promotes themselves on youtube. It's not real. You haven't got internet you haven't got your music
whereas if i have a record i don't need internet to listen to my fav albums.

Music on youtube is not real music smile. Arists should stop trying to get famous and stop being on youtube. But who cares, everybody is google slave nowadays, everybody goes on youtube fdaily, has google smartphone or apple, has gmail... I havent listened to any music on youtube for umm 8 months... I don't even go on there. It just sad that on every forum i visit when i see thread music its just some pointless links to youtube with music, i have proper hifi system and records, why would i bother with listening to crap quality mp3 streamed from some corporate evil people when i have nice records and proper speakers and it is much nicer experience... Listening to music on youtube is for poor.

#18 Re: Off-topic » I am new to Linux however i dislike systemd » 2018-10-06 21:51:01

golinux wrote:
cynicfm wrote:

Btw golinux i remember that u used to tell me off that i chat with people on #devuan and i should go chat on #devuan-fork instead, haha. I didnt have idea that you're administrator ;D

Yup.  And I carry a big stick!  LOLOLOLOL! I often try to move chat unrelated to Devuan from #devuan to #debianfork.  And I sometimes move topics here too.  Think of it as housecleaning.  Thanks for posting in the appropriate place on this forum.

No problem smile. Thanks for being there too...

and sorry for long posts its hard for me to gather my thoughts in just few sentences.

#19 Re: Off-topic » I am new to Linux however i dislike systemd » 2018-10-06 21:23:59

Yeah init system.

I wanted to say that i tried so many distros but now after trying i can say plenty of them i realised that they were waste of time.
I don't like this approach when people say: Windows 10 is shit, use linux, linux the best. Or linux bad macos best.
I believe everybody uses different distros for different reasons, however my last systemd distro was manjaro, and... yeah it looks modern and stuff like this and... that's it. I run my laptop and i feel like: What;s going on there???
At least here on devuan i really like synaptic package manager where there are lots of nice stuff to me. I can say devuan feels truly open source to me. Systemd distros like manjaro feel to me like: Okay this is something i can't change. What's the point of using this...

I am inexperienced, but using devuan gives me possibilities to even modify this system for my needs. Learning how to use linux is great. However unfortunately because i read linux format magazine i can say that it does become 'old-fashioned' distribution that nobody uses anymore. People who write magazines or can speak in public say systemd is great. Somebody may think i don't know what's systemd. I feel the same.
The reason why im anti-systemd is this website that i mentioned in first post. Somebody clearly says don't use systemd. Even when i had systemd distros i felt like: Okay this is quite okay, but guys from the website not gonna like me.

So i really wanna get into gnu/linux and open source software, however i am not gonna use new popular distros. I have noticed on forums of manjaro for example people have attitude like: Oh manjaro is so great oh god i love it so much. And then if somebody's gonna tell him windows 10 is great, i use it, he's gonna be like: oh damn you, windows 10 is not great!! i dont wanna talk to you!!! i use linux im better!!!
When i have devuan installed on my laptop i feel like: Yeah u use windows 10 somebody else use manjaro, and i don't care. We all use what we want, because we have choices.
I don't get why people that use these modern distros convice other people to stop using windows 10. Why creators of systemd wanna take over, i feel like people who took over gnu/linux wanna also take over windows 10 and make lots of money. Is that the right attitude??

Another thing is manjaro had steam pre-installed... I don't really use steam and neither i see any reason to play these games. Nice graphics?? No thanks... I choose open-source games. Even though i play runescape, i played it for long time. I can play it on devuan and in the meantime learn how the OS works, how to modify stuff and i wanna learn writing scripts too. Scripts based on modern popular distros?? No thanks. Scripts based on -sysvinit. Yes please.

I don't know how to explain how i feel about modern linux distros. I feel like some of them are gnu/linux and some of them are just linux...... I am not a coder or experienced IT guy but i know that linux is name of kernel and proper name is Gnu/Linux. Why in the linux format magazine i have never seen GNU/Linux, only linux...

I am happy that i found something like devuan. On other websites they tell you about intel management engine, about blobs they put to your computer. Pay 1100 dollars for laptop with PureOS. Its not gonna have blobs
With devuan i feel oh okay i havent got anything on my pc. I use what i want and it is nice. I don't use windows 10, i don't use new linux i don't use macbook. I use completely something different that most people. Wanna spy on me?? Cmon do it, maybe its gonna convice you to use Devuan, haha.

So i said i came back again to this distro and im staying here... I cant explain how i felt when i used mint or manjaro, but i guess i just felt very weird... Even my laptop has different energy with devuan on compared to manjaro or mint... Manjaro the best linux distro according to linux format magazine?? Right!! Maybe for you!! big_smile

Again thanks for reading

Btw golinux i remember that u used to tell me off that i chat with people on #devuan and i should go chat on #devuan-fork instead, haha. I didnt have idea that you're administrator ;D.

edit: Again big kudos for devuan creators. I learned on this distro much more than i did on other distros. Its like i can just install it install wine play windows games and be happy. But in the same time if i feel like i can learn something new and use it for something more than just playing windows games, i can!! It's like the OS listens to me, not i listen to the OS! smile

#20 Re: Off-topic » Music » 2018-10-06 19:27:13

I never understood people who listen to music on youtube. why??

1. the sound quality is very bad
2. google tracks you and sells data about you. You care about privacy yet u use google services??

Can't u afford CD's??

#21 Off-topic » I am new to Linux however i dislike systemd » 2018-10-06 11:49:28

Replies: 17


I am new to linux. I used to be guy called 'gamer' however that was in the past, because i am older now and not that i havent got time to play games anymore, but playing windows games is not productive.
I have recently bought Linux Format magazine. There are some interesting articles indeed. Apart from that there was CD with Linux Mint 32 bit, Linux Manjaro and some other linux distro.
So my first gnu/linux distro in general was ubuntu linux, but that was like 5 years ago. I liked it however i been travelling between windows 7/ubuntu at that time.
Next was Linux Mint.
I have also tried
Fedora 28
Mint nosystemd (couldn't get wifi working cuz my wifi card is proprietary apparently)
SafeOS (had no wi-fi too)
TrisquelOS (Wi-fi problems as well)
I tried all of em, recently installed manjaro 2 days ago and i have to say that systemd based distros are weird.. I don't understand why systemd gnu/linux distros users convice windows 10 users to quit and use 'linux' instead.

So basically i have used Devuan 2.0 for like 6 months. Never had any problems with it. It is light-weigh, xfce DE keeps my battery alive for like 3-4 hours. For example Manjaro or Antergos with newest Desktop Environments were like 30 minutes of battery life sad. Even windows was better, cuz windows 10 was like 1,5 hours (I bought windows laptop).
I agree that Linux Mint or Manjaro distros while running on my laptop, fan is like quiet. I can't hear my laptop running. However i don't know what's happening on these systemd OS's. How can you say systemd based distros are secure... I feel like windows 10 is more secure. Everytime i use systemd based distro i feel like some linux mint devs or manjaro devs watch me installing software, browsing internet or playing games... While Devuan Init is like i feel like i just installed OS and feels stable and secure and i feel like there's no way anybody can spy on me. Completely opposite to systemd distros.

Another thing is that i really support Free Open-Source Software. This is why i tried PureOS and Trisquel. I am too inexperienced to install OS with terminal, i am more like newbie... But it seems like all GNU supported OS's are based on Systemd.
When i used them i always had that website in my head:
I think somebody says boykott systemd, i basically boykott google. I think me or them who created this website have similar concerns towards these two subjects (google, systemd).

Another thing is Steam. 'Linux' users (I know it's gnu/linux however almost everywhere they just say linux and it's sad, even in the linux format magazine) worship steam and gabe newell because he ports windows games for linux. I personally dislike steam and valve, and maybe linux users worship gabe newell (CEO of valve, steam company) because he makes this OS popular, i think that using Open-Source OS like Gnu/Linux to play proprietary steam games is very bad and inappropriate.
My philosophy is to not play windows games at all because they're brainwashing. Instead of playing steam games and put more billions to Gabe pocket, you should instead learn how to code and make open-source games. I don't like the direction where most popular distros that people use are going, cuz i feel like if you want me to use systemd popular distro, i'd rather just use windows 10. Power of freedom is the power of choice, what choice do i have from systemd distros, i think there arent any choices. I have concerns towards comparing linux to windows 10 and to macos...

So i haven't used devuan for 2 weeks now, but always after trying new distributions i come back to this OS and i came back again... Also i don't like these new commands and new package systems on newest distros, some yaourt, aptitude or stuff like this.
I feel like i want learn stuff about init-based gnu/linux i think getting into systemd gnu/linux distros is simply waste of energy... :-)
By the way is devuan the only one easy to install with gui interface distro, based on init file system??

Another stuff i have discovered on internet is laptop made for GNU/Linux systems. There is some laptops made by, using PureOS. uhh free software no blobs libreboot or coreboot instead of proprietary bios, cheapest one is uhh 1100 dollars??? Then there were laptops based on manjaro, cheapest one how much 999 dollars???
I have discovered something like ministry of freedom I think these laptops are nice indeed and i'd use one if i had money to get one but im unemployed :-). 300 dollars is good price for laptop with only free software and hardware but 1100 dollars for pureos laptop or 999 for Manjaro laptop?? Why?? Is this the cost of freedom??
Thanks for reading

#22 Devuan » thank you devuan community devuan developers and linux creators » 2018-06-15 10:17:08

Replies: 2

i like windows games but windows 10 memory ram consumage useless processes in the task manager, useless software that comes with updates and which results in slowlier performance, feeling that my laptop turns into the zombie under windows 10, forced me to stop using this system and look for something more efficient.
i went on linux mint, on fedora, they were nice OSES, but wine games were crashing, it was harder to configure anything etc. etc. then i was reading internet about how corporates spy on you and i found some website and another thing was linux mint and fedora still had weird processes, while i like to know what my system runs as well as having 100% control over it, or at least 75% tongue.

So yesterday i managed to configure my GPU drivers and that was tough one cuz i use optimus dual cards, its generic acer laptop for windows 10, but i deleted windows installed devuan last week. yesterday i started to install my favourite windows 10 games on my devuan xfce and guess what, i installed gothic 2, which had massive problems with performance and graphics on windows 10, on linux mint it was crashing, but on devuan i use hd textures patch everything on highest details and it works perfect, it looks like world of warcraft. installed diablo 2, installed diablo 3 that works like charm, and today is new season and im gonna start it on my devuan os, so im waiting till 16 and then im playing the game, but not on fking windows 10 but on linux <3:). Runescape 3 NXT works better than on windows 10 as well now im downloading path of exile, basically every game that i installed under wine works much smoothier and better than on other distros i used (on other distros i couldnt even launch any particular game) and especially better than on windows 10 that was overheating my laptop...

So im just really happy that i get results like that with windows games on devuan distro, and i wanna thank you all for help (people from #Devuan) and devs for developing Devuan smile and its for free too!!

I dont know if this distro gonna progress more and more but in few years if devuan will still be on, im gonna build a nice pc just for devuan.
And anyways right now im telling everybody how amazing devuan is and how good performance it has compared to other linux distros i used and windows 10 smile.

Thank you very much!!!!

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