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#1 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » How to repair APPARMOR? » 2024-07-07 05:35:19


rm -rf /var/cache/apparmor/201d1af9.0

This should clear the cache files apparmor is complaining about.

#2 Re: Off-topic » How World Leaders are Scrambling to Secure Food in the Shadows » 2024-06-27 15:05:25

I tried to stay out of this, I really did roll

Genetically modified foods (hyperfoods) are widely available in the US, where food standards are deliberately low to allow big farm maximize their profits.

Look where it led them  roll

Yes, hyperfoods are bad for your health. Which is why the EU has banned them. As a result, the population over here clearly has better judgemental powers to keep extremists out of a position dominating the various political stages tongue

#3 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Devuan est à la traîne (google: Devuan is lagging behind) ! » 2024-05-19 07:52:15

Oh boy, you really don't know how to make friends, don't you :-\ Nor do you understand when to stop harassing people, private or public.

If you're happy with Debian, please leave this community alone. It seems you fail to grasp that these harassment's say more about you then we want to know and nothing at all about the Devuan project at large. In fact, I'm surprised your account hasn't been terminated yet, but that might be a matter of time if you persist in your ways >:{

#4 Re: Documentation » Printer and Scanner from Brother - Get them to work under Devuan 5 » 2024-05-11 18:40:15

Brother offers a complete install script for MFC devices, which works based on some simple questions like model number etc. It installs and configures everything you need to get your Brother MFC working. It's also on the Linux support pages, in the install section. It worked a few weeks ago for my Devuan Stable install for a older (ancient?) MFC device. Make sure you run the installer as root! (it fetches and installs dependencies via apt/dpkg (can't remember))

#5 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Nala, a new cli package manager replacement for dpkg and apt » 2024-04-02 15:36:49

IMO this is a case of "Hurray, we have a solution!, Now we try finding a problem to solve with it!" roll

Apt, dpkg, Synaptic and aptitude are (still) great tools to work with. Nala has no real technical reason to exist, other then eye-candy for a particular kind of user and an itch scratched for the dev(s).

Just me tuppence smile

#6 Re: Other Issues » How does LTSP work ? » 2024-04-02 15:31:08

I take it you've visited the LTSP pages?

About 15 yrs ago I managed to set up an LTSP server and to boot a client from it. Don't fool yourself, it's quite a job to set up the entire infrastructure: DHCP, FTP, DNS and only then LTSP as such. Effectively, you're setting up a very localized but complete mini-ISP. It can be done, I did, but it's worth getting pretty comfy on the CLI, cause you'll use it a lot. It also requires, due to DNS and DHCP, a physically separate network. Technically you might be able to get stuff working on your existing network, but only if you have unrestricted access to the router of your home network. Basically, you need to know what you're doing and if you do, you didn't have to ask wink

#7 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Reliability of desktop vs enterprise drives » 2024-03-14 21:55:25

When buying HDD's, it's common practice of experienced sys-admins to purchase from multiple vendors and restrict the amount of drives from a single manufacturer in their stripes/arrays. Recently I started buying refurbished drives from A-brands like Toshiba, HGST,  Seagate and WD to name a few. So far no issues, but I don't have them powered on all the time anymore.

#8 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Changing permissions on external drive » 2024-02-29 22:46:26

There might be something else going on you probably don't realize. Do the following:

su #become root, alternatively sudo su
fsck /media/<user>/<UUID> #check the file system for errors and repair if required
chown <user> /media/<user>/<UUID> #make sure the directory is owned by the user
chmod 777 /media/<user>/<UUID> #set permissions for the directory for general access


#10 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Wer synchronisiert die Systemuhr? » 2024-02-24 13:54:18

There are more packages providing this functionality besides the pair you mentioned. You can find them with apt-search.

man apt

#11 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] second SSD always demands root password » 2024-02-06 04:33:13

There's build-in help in pretty much every Linux distro, in form of the man-pages.

man <command>

Short cut to an online version:


#12 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] second SSD always demands root password » 2024-02-05 22:22:58

This is the line you need to add to /etc/fstab:

UUID=uuid-string-goes-here   /path/to/directory fs-type defaults 0 0

You're advised to mount the SSD in /media, but being Linux, you're free to mount it anywhere in the tree you'd like smile The fs-type is what you've used to format the drive in. If you formatted with ext4, just substitute ext4 instead of fs-type.

Assuming you mount the drive in /media/fast-storage, you'd need to set access rights to that directory to allow you access w/o any passwords at all:

chown <user>,<group> /media/fast-storage #as root

In this <user> is your user name and <group> is the name of the group your user is a member of (on Devuan, usually user- and group names are the same).
For instance, say your username is rank, the command would look like:

chown rank,rank /media/fast-storage

There's more to it, but this'll get you started smile

#13 Re: News & Announcements » The (almost) No Code of Conduct » 2024-01-09 16:28:56

Not wishing to intrude on anyone's parade:

Visitors are expected to interact in a civilized and respectful manner, regardless of age, gender or any other difference of opinion, religion and/or heritage.
In case of uncertainty or doubt on one's conduct, (new) visitors of all ages are encouraged to seek guidance and/or assistance of experienced members of this community, including but not limited to moderators and frequent contributors.


#14 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Apt/dpkg error for ipmiutil package » 2024-01-07 15:14:22

OK, I found an answer. Bit of a dirty work-around, but the errors are gone now.

As root, open /var/lib/dpkg/status in nano (or editor of choice) then search for the ipmitool package listing. The 2nd line reports its status, change this to

Status: purge ok config-files

Reload sources.list in your package manager then update your system. If all is well, no more errors!

As said, a dirty work-around as it doesn't address the issue of how that package got into that state in the first place and it's likely remnants of this packages remain on my system.

#15 Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Apt/dpkg error for ipmiutil package » 2024-01-07 14:54:54

Replies: 1

Since weeks I get this error when (attempting) updating my system.

#root: dpkg --configure ipmiutil
Setting up ipmiutil (3.1.7-1) ...
insserv: warning: script '' missing LSB tags
insserv: warning: script 'cgroups' missing LSB tags
insserv: Default-Start undefined, assuming empty start runlevel(s) for script `cgroups'
insserv: Default-Stop  undefined, assuming empty stop runlevel(s) for script `cgroups'
insserv: warning: script '' missing LSB tags
insserv: Default-Stop  undefined, assuming empty stop runlevel(s) for script `'
Starting /usr/bin/ipmiutil wdt: 
Cannot open an IPMI driver: /dev/imb, /dev/ipmi0, /dev/ipmi/0, 
	 or direct driverless.
Cannot open an IPMI driver: /dev/imb, /dev/ipmi0, /dev/ipmi/0, 
	 or direct driverless.

invoke-rc.d: initscript ipmiutil_wdt, action "start" failed.
dpkg: error processing package ipmiutil (--configure):
 installed ipmiutil package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
Errors were encountered while processing:

I tried purging the package, but it still wants to install it, open a ipmi driver (which there aren't) before anything else. I'm actually pretty close to a full reinstall >:(

Any suggestions?

#16 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Need a network guru! Question about 5 port switches and such » 2023-10-27 22:45:28

Well, TPlink was right, you need a router. Or at least a device that does NAT and DHCP. Your ISP reserves exactly 1 (one) IP address for your connection. You want to connect more then one device, so you need to share that IP address within your local network. That's what NAT (network address translation) stands for and DHCP actually does.

Suitable devices aplenty, here's a small selection in various price ranges:

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X

MikroTik hEX S router

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 6P

Various FritzBox router models, including those for direct Fibre connection.

Some models have WiFi, but you can switch that off, as I do too.

#17 Re: Other Issues » [SOLVED] my / partition is full but why ? » 2023-10-23 22:35:09

Well, in short: if a folder doesn't have its own partition, it's hanging under the / in the tree. Which means its data is stored on the / partition. So in your case, /var, /usr and /tmp are filling up the / partition if a rogue process continues to write data to it. Frequently, log files (/var/log) can become huge and thus clog up the system. Other sources of trouble exist as well, like malware etc. That's for you to figure out wink

Tip: the ls command has info on size of the directory:

ls -l /var
ls -l /usr
ls -l /tmp

Probably best results as root.

#18 Re: Other Issues » [SOLVED] my / partition is full but why ? » 2023-10-23 21:27:20

This is why having separate partitions for stuff like /var, /usr and /tmp are advised. Certainly I do adhere to this smile

Your Downloads folder is huge and the key reason why your / has filled up. I take it you downloaded a lot so clearing that one out will release a decent amount of storage.

#19 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » [SOLVED] ntfs not mounting » 2023-10-05 22:20:10

Which kernel version do you have installed?

uname -a

It appears NTFS support has not been compiled into your kernel, you may need to change your (specialized) kernel for a generic one instead.

Otherwise it might be an error in your fstab:

cat /etc/fstab | grep ntfs*

Both commands as root.

#20 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » [SOLVED] Shotwell dependency confusion » 2023-09-13 22:26:27

I'm using Mate and have Shotwell running just fine.

root@desktop:/home/<user># apt show shotwell
Package: shotwell
Version: 0.30.11-1
Priority: optional
Section: gnome
Maintainer: Jörg Frings-Fürst <>
Installed-Size: 6,606 kB
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.29), libcairo-gobject2 (>= 1.10.0), libcairo2 (>= 1.2.4), libexif12 (>= 0.6.21-1~),
 libgcr-base-3-1 (>= 3.8.0), libgcr-ui-3-1 (>= 3.8.0), libgdata22 (>= 0.15.0), libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-0 (>= 2.25.2),
 libgee-0.8-2 (>= 0.10.1), libgexiv2-2 (>= 0.10.4), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.49.5), libgphoto2-6 (>= 2.5.10),
 libgphoto2-port12 (>= 2.5.10), libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0 (>= 1.0.0), libgstreamer1.0-0 (>= 1.0.0), libgtk-3-0 (>= 3.21.5),
 libgudev-1.0-0 (>= 146), libjson-glib-1.0-0 (>= 1.5.2), libpango-1.0-0 (>= 1.18.0), libpangocairo-1.0-0 (>= 1.14.0), libraw20 (>= 0.16.0),
 libsoup2.4-1 (>= 2.41.90), libsqlite3-0 (>= 3.5.9), libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 (>= 2.25.1), libxml2 (>= 2.7.4), shotwell-common (= 0.30.11-1),
 dconf-cli, default-dbus-session-bus | dbus-session-bus, librsvg2-common
Replaces: shotwell-common (<< 0.26.2-1)
Download-Size: 1,826 kB
APT-Manual-Installed: yes
APT-Sources: stable/main amd64 Packages

I'm not sure I upgraded to the latest stable release yet, so I might still be on Old-Stable.


#22 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Connection to localhost:631 » 2023-09-07 20:50:51

Is CUPS actually running?

As root, do:

sh /etc/init.d/cups start

Then try connecting to localhost:631 again.

#23 Re: Off-topic » Is systemd still bad in 2023? » 2023-08-31 14:54:15

Systemd still does NOT adhere to core *nix principles:

Build a tool for a single task, make it perform that task to perfection. It does NOT do other tasks as that compromises the original task execution.

#24 Re: Installation » Looking for server cd desktop environment installation guide » 2023-08-24 04:15:39

Install aptitude, which is a basic package manager. Then, as root, type aptitude on the cli to start the tool. Search the package pool with ?. The easiest way for obtaining a full desktop is via the task-* packages alluded to earlier. There are several, including but not limited to:


These are so-called meta-packages: they don't contain software but using the dependency system apt provides they pull in all the required packages you need for a functional desktop. Select one or more and let the system finish. Reboot and your desktop should start.

Having said that, you don't need aptitude to install those desktop meta packages. If you've made your choice already, install directly via apt:

apt-get install task-cinnamon-desktop

Replace cinnamon with your DE of choice smile


#25 Re: ARM Builds » Bad owner or permissions on /home/ziomario/.ssh/config » 2023-07-31 21:50:21

Actually, there is a .ssh directory in your home folder. But the dot in front of it means it's hidden.

However, now that you've borked the standard install by overwriting the directory, you should purge openssh-server and then re-install it.

apt purge openssh-server && apt install openssh-server

Next, check the ssh directory is there:

ls -al /home/ziomario

A list of files and directories will appear, one of which will be .ssh/, note the dot in front!

The next step is checking the config file is present too:

ls -al /home/ziomario/.ssh/

Another list appears and it should contain the config file.

Report back when you've reached this stage. smile

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