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#1 Re: DIY » runit as a process supervisor » 2017-11-27 20:37:25

Perhaps it could be polished up a little and then put onto a wiki if others want to follow up?

Admittedly I do not even know half of what has been written here so far. :-)

#2 Re: Installation » [Solved] How to install the new version of Firefox on Devuan? » 2017-11-13 21:34:02

> Yeah Palemoon works great, plays youtube fine and everything else too.

I hope that Palemoon becomes a serious contender. Ever since the Mozilla
team decided to deprecate ALSA (as a primary backend on linux) and forced
users into the Pulseaudio way (who wrote it ... yup, red hat poettering), I stopped
caring about firefox.

I actually think that it may be better altogether if mozilla disbands - because it is
evident that all hope is lost with them. This is not just pulseaudio by the way;
alienating developers by deprecating their work out of nowhere; claiming to be
a privacy-respecting organization but then using google analytics "because it
is so useful"; being unable to use C++ and so inventing a new language altogether
(rust ... what the ...); making changes that are irrelevant for many old powerusers
and so on and so forth. They are killing firefox, either out of stupidity or deliberately,
so we really need more real alternatives. I actually don't even think that browsers
in general should be COMPLEX. They should be simple, lean, flexible but
also USEFUL and modular.

I don't have pulseaudio and don't want it. Firefox keeps on trying to auto-update
all the time, even when I set that it shall not do so via about:config. If it auto-updates,
I lose all audio in the browser because I don't have pulseaudio. Isn't it weird when a
company auto-updates you and you lose sound in the process? The canceling of
auto-update via about:config also does not work 100%; I still get the main firefox
widget that keeps on nagging "you should upgrade because a new version has
been released". And I found no way to disable that nagging widget either. I tried
with ublock origin to block it away but unfortunately it only blocks external stuff,
not fireox-pester pop-ups. smile

As a backup browser I use opera. Opera uses google chrome unfortunately so it
is just a copy-cat but ... I simply need to get things done. I can't use linux
without browsers, they are that important. :\

#3 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Advice needed from non-US users regarding keyboard layouts » 2017-08-16 02:21:05

> 3. Anonymous Proxy (whatever that means)

This may be some VPN and/or Tor downloads? Perhaps china or Iran or something like that.

> Having a US keyboard is a nuisance for us Brits, but not insurmountable, just have to poke
> around to see where keys have been put, most annoying are @ | ~ #

I myself use the german keyboard layout but write almost exclusive in english all day, give or
take; about 80% of my words typed in are english.

I'd wish that this distinction would not exist though... US keyboard or UK keyboard or the
different spelling. I was raised with UK english and grew up, sort of, with Monty Python so
the UK lifestyle is closer, but the US really overshadows most presence on the WWW. Just
take something simple like "color" in CSS, there is no alias called "colour" so I have to
use the US spelling. sad Or take youtube videos - many more from the USA than from the

In the long run, though, I'd really really really wish that the UK and US could unify and agree
on ONE system to rule them all. So to simplfiy everything!

It won't happen because of this though:

#4 Re: Devuan » Current state of Devuan regarding systemd » 2017-08-16 02:16:49

>  There are also more packages that need attention as systemd expands its reach

You mean ... systemd is spreading into other projects?

Hmm... … 66/8d2.gif

#5 Re: Other Issues » upgraded jessie have some systemd files » 2017-08-16 01:55:41

Seems to be pretty hard to cleanse the system from systemd. :>

#6 Re: Other Issues » What is the easiest way to install systemd? » 2017-08-16 01:53:51

> FOSSuser wrote:

>  I think it is 'designed' to be faulty, so that RH can sell you a support contract/package & make money out of Linux.

Spot on.

Red Hat is throwing out the money for corporate hackers to ruin Linux.

It's not "just" systemd alone, by the way. How many drones are working on
Gnome 3 and KDE 5? And now compare KDE 5 to KDE 3 and tell me how
many free hackers remained from the KDE 3 days. You can actually read
up on many similar user stories how KDE 3 was the last good KDE and
then things constantly worsened over time, with pointless gimmicks and
shiny flashy but useless widgets.

I understand that these greedy corporate hackers want to generate revenue
but this comes at the cost of people using Linux as a whole.

#7 Re: Off-topic » When you can't tell the difference between Windows and systemd » 2017-08-16 01:49:12

I do not think that a "it took 2 years to change" is any useful metric at all.

People have real lives and things can get into the way. Devuan is also more
like debian 2.0 rather than "just" an init-freedom system and things take
time. Would it have been possible to work faster? I suppose so. Lots of
people could have helped too in theory, but in practice? And who pays them?

People who have reallife jobs and have to make a living to sustain their family
can invest ... how much time?

How old is systemd in comparison? 5 years? Actually it was started in 2010, so that
is 7 years old by now. And it still has problems such as 0day root exploits such as the
one linked in above, despite having tons of developers (Poettering is not the only
one, there are more red hat drones working on it). They also have tons of
incompetent developers, as otherwise this stream of massive bugs wouldn't

I think that the more general, bigger problem is that corporate hackers took
away a huge part of Linux. And the quality of software stack suffered
immensely as a consequence; see Gnome 3, see Unity (officially now
failed), see KDE5. See the recent switch by GTK to transition into meson
and ninja. Why? Not because the users wanted it but because the developers
wanted it. The same of course applies to the systemd take-over of debian too,
by the way, and I come to believe that the root cause of all evil are several
indivdual, lazy, snobbish and egoistic developers. Most of them may be
corporate drones but I think that it is more general that their ego gets into
the way.

#8 Re: Off-topic » Anti-systemd links References » 2017-08-16 01:40:58

> Just type "against systemd" (include the quotes) into Google to get a good choice.

The problem is that the articles and results vary immensely in quality.

It would be best to split them into technical relevance, as opposed to social problems
e. g. in the latter one could include developers deciding for users without asking

From a technical point of view, there are a lot of hilarious bugs and discussions
on the issue tracker which is often popcorn worthy.

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