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#2 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Firefox and Firefox Nightly repos in Synaptic . . » 2024-04-06 20:50:52

rolfie wrote:

The Devuan web page (accessible by a link on the top of this page) amongst other information also shows a list of banned packages. Only these are modified or replaced.

I have always thought that packages on that list were actually BANNED ie not installable in Devuan.  Packages that are forked or native will have a reference to devuan in the filename but I'm not sure of the exact formula. Someone else here will.

#3 Re: Devuan Derivatives » it works! it works well... CeresKDEminiOnJwmFull » 2024-04-05 22:41:22

I am posting this at fsmithred's request.

Please cease and desist using Refracta*  in the title/name of your isos and instead create a unique name to identify your efforts.

Thank you

#4 Re: Other Issues » [SOLVED] in Devuan Daedalus? » 2024-04-05 18:01:24

@quickfur . . . Three posts in less than 5 minutes. Really? WHY when you could have edited your first post?

/me scratches head . . .

#5 Re: Off-topic » The Joke Thread » 2024-04-02 23:57:21

@zapper . . . You completely missed the point of my response. The joke is only tangentially relevant. The comment questioned why anyone would waste their time on something so useless. But then most people waste their entire lives on useless things . . .

#7 Re: Off-topic » The Joke Thread » 2024-03-27 15:21:21

Why didn't  golinux appreciate the joke?
Because it is painful to see a life wasted on nonsense.

#9 Re: Devuan Derivatives » my customized Refracta 64 bit » 2024-03-23 16:00:52

@oui . . . Please take note that it is DAEdalus not DEAdalus. At least we're not dead yet! LOLOL!  You should be able to correct your post above. I would have done it myself but then there is no learning. Thanks.

#10 Re: Off-topic » The Joke Thread » 2024-03-20 23:39:27

. . . or more mature . . .

#11 Re: Off-topic » The Joke Thread » 2024-03-15 18:04:39

The groaners keep coming . . .

#12 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » RTL8188ftv usb wlan stick driver? » 2024-03-14 22:10:32

And remember that Devuan repos pull directly from Debian repos even for packages that are not forked . . .

#13 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Reliability of desktop vs enterprise drives » 2024-03-14 18:47:32

I have always used WD Black. I think one was funky ootb and replaced. All the rest are still in service but most are not booted often.

#14 Re: Off-topic » question regarding hyperbola os » 2024-03-11 21:05:10

Doesn't everybody copy paste before visiting a site? Devuan users shouldn't need the forum to babysit them by making it less visible and more cumbersome to use . . . wink

#15 Re: Off-topic » question regarding hyperbola os » 2024-03-11 19:37:21

@aluma . . . Yes. Truncating the "live" link if it is too long is default behavior on this forum. Since I like to see at a quick glance where the links are on the page and maybe have a quick look, I prefer them to stand out with a contrasting "link" color and be instantly clickable.

@stargate-sg1-cheyenne-mtn . . . I understand your reasons but wonder how many users actually screenshot a post. I don't know that I have ever done that. I have saved posts as text files and then manually corrected links if they are broken.

#16 Re: Off-topic » question regarding hyperbola os » 2024-03-11 17:53:23

My workflow uses R click to C/P urls. If there is no "h" it is not recognized as a link so requires highlighting the text before it will even copy the link to paste and then requires manually adding the missing "h". Interestingly . . . your solution to the truncation has never popped up before in all the years this forum has been running. But one time, I think rrq turned off the live linking because of the abbreviated links but that was quickly reversed. wink

#17 Re: Off-topic » question regarding hyperbola os » 2024-03-10 21:56:22

Just curious why you aren't asking the hyperbola folks? Or maybe you are . . .

FYI . . . I am personally starting to get annoyed that you don't post live links so probably won't be looking at many of them . . .

#19 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Beowulf to Chimaera - precautions II » 2024-03-09 16:07:01

I wish . . . but sadly I had to let wicd go when I moved to Chimaera but since I am always wired it doesn't really matter.

#20 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » multimedia repo not available and nvidia driver not installable » 2024-03-09 16:01:26

@delgado . . . I only meant to inform this thread that Devuan is aware of Peppermint's Devuan version. big_smile

#21 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » multimedia repo not available and nvidia driver not installable » 2024-03-08 18:59:23 has always been a little unreliable. I gave up using it long before Devuan even existed because of cautions about it on the debian forum.  Everything you need should be available via the Devuan repos.

@delgado . . . Peppermint OS Devuan Release is on the Devuan derivatives list

#22 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Beowulf to Chimaera - precautions » 2024-03-08 15:46:16

@Andre4freedom . . . I don't mess much with git admin any more so can't help you with that. Maybe try Codeberg

#24 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Beowulf to Chimaera - precautions » 2024-03-07 17:25:28

Yeah . . . importing a profile is easy. The hard part is cleaning up the outdated and redundant files. Then there's about:config! Yikes!!

#25 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Beowulf to Chimaera - precautions » 2024-03-07 16:19:28

I stayed on Jessie for a looong time. Then websites stopped working properly both the layouts as well as interactive functions. That is what forced a move to fresh Chimaera install and it was a royal pain. Adapting FF and other browser profiles took days even weeks as did adapting to the new interfaces and options.

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