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#1 2018-01-11 21:27:02

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On acsii, plasma and the power button.

I like this Devuan thing, but it seems I've tried and failed to like any of the desktops that work properly with it.
KDE/Plasma runs, which is slightly surprising, but I've yet to convince it (or sddm for that matter) to do anything related to poweroff / reboot /suspend / hibernate.
It'll kill the session and that's about it. Having to switch to a VT and log is as root just to turn the machine off is a little lame in this day and age...
This is less lame than having to use some gnome derivative instead, but still pretty annoying.

I'm not (yet) familiar with the changes in Devuan, is plasma's power management functionality completely broken sans systemd or am I just doing it wrong?
Everything else appears to work, and the various blah-kits are doing their thing, at least as far as I can tell. There's some other layer between plasma and console-kit / upower etc. yeah?

Anyone had better luck here?

Off topic, what's the plan for the release cycle after stretch / ascii? Aiming for parallel with debian's stable releases or one behind? I'm guessing the former, as I hear rumors of tracking testing as well...


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