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Tips for using Palemoon

As we were just talking about it another thread, I thought I would share some tips for using Palemoon and some of it's extensions. Feel free to add here if you have any tips yourself.

Sandboxing Palemoon can be done with firejail.

apt-get install firejail

Firejail already has a profile for Palemoon so you don't need to configure it.

firejail palemoon

That's it, sandboxed.

One of the problems with some XUL extensions is that PM is not compatible with australis that some extensions use. Australis is a newer user interface and theme Firefox uses. But that doesn't mean these extensions don't always work, just that the interface is broken.

One work around for incompatible extensions is to use the moon tester tool extension. This makes it possible to use the install button for some AMO extensions, even if they are not completely compatible.

The Classic Add-ons archive extension provides a viewable archive of XUL extensions.

Some extensions that work:

uBlock Origin has working legacy builds.
Greasemonkey for Palemoon is interesting for tinkering with in browser user scripts.
The noscript legacy builds for Firefox 52 ESR work in PM (missing upper tray icon).
HTTPSEverwhere version 5.2.21 works except for the interface.

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