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#1 2020-09-16 15:13:44

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Vivaldi: Best performing browser on Chromebook style laptop

I chose an "educational model Winbook", the 100e from Lenovo, for my personal laptop, because it's small and light and the battery really does last 10 hours of use. Obviously it's not a fast computer, but it's pretty much the same as my Core2 Quad desktop from 2008, graphics card aside, which means it can do all the basic computing I need and it can play some games alright.

- Intel Celeron N3450 (0.7-2.2GHz 4 Core CPU with 12 Graphics CUs)
- 4GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM
- 128GB EMMC storage

Anyway, given the low specs some aspects of browsing the web don't work so smoothly, with Youtube in Firefox being the most obvious issue. I immediately noticed random popping/crackling distortion in the audio (using ALSA only) and dropped frames. I normally used FF, so I just lived with it for a few months until it bothered me enough to test some other browsers. Here is what I tested,

Firefox, Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and "Web" (Epiphany).

There are many more one could try, but those are all the ones I got around to testing before I found one that suited my needs. Here is a pretty decent list of browsers for Linux, (I can't vouch for this site, it's just one I found).

I use Ublock Origin and private browsing tabs for each session, which, performance wise, gives me a clean session and lighter load when rendering pages. I also disable every privacy invasive feature and all the junk like news feeds, etc. All testing was done with Beowulf 64 Bit.

My Quick Conclusions:
- Every browser loads pages more slowly than my much more powerful desktop, but it's effectively identical to how pages load on a Chromebook, which is fine. Totally usable, even for Google Docs and MS Word online.

- It's alright for browsing and page loading times, but it is definitely slower than the Chrome based browsers.
- Audio issues on Youtube.
- Media playback seems to lag.

Chromium / Google Chrome / Opera
- Very high memory usage, but still OK with with up to 6 tabs due to Xfce and 4GB RAM
- Youtube playback also drops some frames, but Netflix is totally fine.
- No audio issues.
- I miss Opera 12... *cries in Presto*

- Strangely low memory usage given that it's Chrome based and it has many extra features.
- It plays Youtube and Netflix OK.
- Loads pages pretty quickly.
- Its built in ad blocking seems to be as effective as Ublock Origin (I disabled their white listed ads).

- It's crap.
- Slow page loads, dropped frames on Youtube, and it often just locks up and must be killed.
- Why is this installed by default when FF is removed, Debian? Dillo would be better FFS...

So, there ya go, on this low end laptop, using Vivaldi is like using any other web browser on a faster desktop. Now you know, yay! smile

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#2 Today 00:13:26

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Re: Vivaldi: Best performing browser on Chromebook style laptop

A very good comparison. How about SeaMonkey?  This is my browser of choice.


#3 Today 00:36:38

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Re: Vivaldi: Best performing browser on Chromebook style laptop

Vivaldi handles jitsi better than chromium does!   Of course, that's still on jessie 32 bit.  LOL!!  FF has never been able to handle it.  Chrome did till recently then suddenly wouldn't work.  I don't care much for the layout or look (too shiny) and the community was not to my liking either.  jitsi is the only thing I'm using it for.


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