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#1 2020-09-05 02:01:38

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Wiki discussion

From mason. Cross-posted from devuan-dev mailing list upon request.

mason wrote:

Hi all! We're looking for opinions about wiki software. First choice at the
moment is TWiki but we want more options and more perspective to get us to
the best possible decision.

Goals, not in a particular order:

  • Ideally not Python, PHP, Java unless it's otherwise perfect.

  • Supports ACLs for per-account and/or per-group editing privs. Ability to disable edits by people not logged in.

  • Potentially supports ACL-based visibility in addition to editing privs.

  • Supports at least a minimum live editor, with mark-up being fine - no need for WYSIWYG.

  • Flat files on the back end - ideally content can be captured to version control, can come from version control, etc.

  • JavaScript not required for clients.

We'll continue poking at TWiki while we gather data.

This space intentionally left blank.


#2 2020-09-05 02:26:25

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Re: Wiki discussion

The first response came on DNG

mason commented on #devuan-dev


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