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Re: [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded

Hi guys.

It has been a while since I announced any respins...even though I have released a few. Sorry about that.


Miyo-Kwin is now available.

What it's not: it's not Plasma nor LXQt.

What it is: it's a minimal system that uses Kwin as a standalone window manager. So, you get "some" of the window effects of Plasma without all of the additional bloat of Plasma.

You can kind'a-sort'a (?) think of it as Openbox with Kwin controlling the windows. tongue  ...but that's not really what it is. Wobbly windows. Windows fall apart when closing them. Windows are sucked into the panel with the "magic lamp" effect when minimizing a window...n'stuff like that. smile

Now...what set me on this path was when I read where someone said that you couldn't use Kwin as a standalone window I took that as a challenge. LOL! tongue

Now (part 2) it perfect?

No. There are some parts of the "System Settings" that may not work as they should...thanks KDE developers!

It's definitely usable; I've been using it for several weeks now as my daily driver.

I've stripped it down as much as I could without including all of the KDE bloat, but there are still a few items in "System Settings" that may or may not work. I'm not a desktop environment user, so I'm a bit on the downside as to how to remove those items or get them to work. For all I know, they may work.

Anyway, I decided to release this just to show that Kwin could be used as a standalone window manager. If you want to try it, have fun with it. Would I use it as a daily-driver? I would, but my needs may not be yours. It may work perfectly for you like it does for me.

It may not be perfect, but at least it's not perfect.



There are four applications to help you make a cohesive look and feel...all found in the "Settings" category of the menu.

1. Customize Look and Feel (GTK)
2. Kvantum (Qt)
3. Qt5 Settings (Qt)
4. System Settings (Qt)


1. Who is this system for?

It's for those who want to have some fun and explore.

2. Why did I make it?

Because I could. Hahahaha!  tongue

3. What's its purpose?


LOLOLOLOL!!! big_smile

Have fun!

Downloads available in 64 bit UEFI, 64 bit BIOS, and 32 bit... … ease/Kwin/

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