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#1 2018-05-12 14:27:13

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Input requested regarding Suspend

I've made a shutdown utility to use on future versions of Miyo. I'm using it now on the latest release instead of the default obsession utility... tongue

My question is, for those who use Suspend, do you prefer the screen to be locked when you Suspend? Yes, no...doesn't matter?

I'm not asking in regards to MiyoLinux users; I'm asking in regard to anyone who uses Suspend on any operating system. smile

Thank you for any input!

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#2 2018-05-13 23:15:47

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Re: Input requested regarding Suspend

I usually don't use suspend, so I can't say. But I'd like to have a look at the source of your utility if you don't mind. Can you put it up on GitHub? I suppose it's either written in Bash or Python. I'm working on something similar (in Bash, currently).

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