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#1 2018-04-18 17:40:11

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MATE 1.20 on devuan ascii

first of all, sorry if I was absent, but I'm very busy with work.

If anyone wants to try the new version of MATE desktop for ascii is available as usual on

thanks to everyone for the precious advices and let me know if something don't go


#2 2018-05-13 17:06:29

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Re: MATE 1.20 on devuan ascii


I twice tried to install Mate 1.20 after setting up source.list as described on your site.

Both attempts were made against fresh installs of Devuan 2.0 RC.

I tried the installation once from the command line - lots of complaints - and once from synaptic, some complaints.

In both attempts I got to the point where the only package not installed was weather-something.

After I rebooted, the slim login turned up just as expected.

After pressing F1, Mate Session was displayed.

When I completed logging in, the slim screen disappeared and a blank purplish screen turned up, with Mate Session still displayed.

This was not the background I had chosen for Mate when I configured it, after the initial installation of Mate using synaptic from the default xfce deskkop..

After a few moments, a  wicd notification turned up telling me I was connected to a network .

That's all that happened, no matter how long I waited.

Hope this is useful.

As a comment:

Mate 1.20.1, which I used on Manjaro and Ubuntu on my laptop, fixed all the problems that had concerned me since the Mate switched to GTK3.

Mate 1.20  still had problems with the display of panel drawers that contained multiple items.



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