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#1 Re: Devuan Derivatives » questions about miyo and Devuan in general » 2019-01-31 09:27:47

OK so trouble Im having.....

Finally finished downloading from  (10KB/sec)

problem occurred unsure your end or mine.
problem devuan ascii 2.0 installer.iso DVD version
2 files created
devuan ascii 2.0 amd64 installer.iso (0 bytes)
devuan ascii 2.0 amd64 installer.iso.part (4.3gig)

2nd attempt
went for live iso
liveamd64.iso file size 977mgs
download fine. dumped on my multiboot usb stick
error code 60 non contiguous file

3rd attempt (currently trying) download speed 10.0KB/sec
minimal live amd64.iso

#2 Re: Off-topic » At first I thought it was insane, but then I saw who was behind it. » 2019-01-30 12:03:41

probably a bit dated....

but the OP's problem with GTK3  ahavi was maybe a Gnome Desktop Environment thing.

for example the Trinity Desktop Environment has something called Ahavi-TQt in its packages set.

not really knowing what ahavi was I went and looked it up, the impression i got was it was Potterings answer to windows home/ workgroup thing but for linux.

given most of you seemed to have uninstalled it, I was wondering if there were any specific apps/ programs that relied on it.

maybe it was meant as a dirty hack to get around ldap and samba or something?

I remember a few years ago i had trouble with those 2 (at least pretty sure it was ldap) items trying to get a linux system and windows system talking to each other and the printer, i know i ended up giving up on it.

If it was meant for what i said above maybe I could rename it and call it "whats local" PMSL.

#3 Re: Devuan Derivatives » questions about miyo and Devuan in general » 2019-01-29 22:18:44

Thanks golinux...

somehow i think i missed those particular install guides, so thanks for the reference.

as mentioned in other post 14hrs till download finish sad

cant wait to get started poking around in devuan, the waiting is killing me..

#4 Re: Devuan Derivatives » questions about miyo and Devuan in general » 2019-01-28 22:32:16

Thanks to both of you.

While i  did find some of the information available in the read me file, there was still some I didnt find.

Given the information I did find, I decided to opt for the DVD size iso. that will take 3 days to download unfortunetly.

Whilst I know Miyo and the minimal live have wifi drivers, I have had an issue with the refractor installer once before, so hadnt really been interested in the live / minimal install with that setting, I have however sometimes found for some odd reason that rebuilds have a better chance of working, I cant tell you why, maybe its just my gear being temperamentental.

wasnt worried if the packages was in an all-in-one deal or not just so long as they were available, due to the fact that some websites i am apart of or use, are still beholden to the flash format, or stupidly using a java login screen.

I know I was originally looking at a full KDE install, but no im not as sure footed on this idea after poking my nose around the KDE website.
I mean is it someone's idea of a sick joke or what??
I was looking under the PIM section and seen "CIA  commit Bot" ... what the hell,

I thought it was bad enough having to submit to "Google/Chrome Web Standards"   dont you mean international standards, no pretty sure last time i looked they had google or chrome stamped on pretty much everything.

#5 Devuan Derivatives » questions about miyo and Devuan in general » 2019-01-28 03:53:56

Replies: 10

Sorry if these seem like dumb questions

Due to my awkward local network set up,
Im wondering if MIYO is the equivalent of a Graphical NET Install with all WIFI drivers included? (my wifi dongle if it helps is an Edimax model number EW- 7711UAn)

If not could a NET Install + all WIFI drivers closed session disc be made.

to give you an example of the network:
Modem 6400 > 15 meter wifi bridge > Nighthawk 7000 > 7 meters wifi connection my computer.

to move my desktop close enough to the router (for a net install) would just be a pain in the A##@@ and getting a 15 meter cable (to keep it out kids/ wifes way would be annoying, apart from actually being able to get hold of one).

Is the Miyo Disc download a Closed Session CD/DVD (aka Contiguous File)?

Reason i ask is because i have a muti-iso-boot usb and so long as the img's are considered standard bootable cd/dvd i can just drop iso's on the usb and launch.  ive generally found img's with persistence /writable areas in them dont work.

Is there a package set that allows for Flash, Java and all Audio Video codecs? think they call it PPa's in Ubuntu and non free in debian.

is there a package that allows read/write/execute on NTFS file systems? (my stuff is on a seperate partition and its in NTFS)

Is a 50gig partition big enough for a full KDE install (ie boot, root, home, swap, etc? (providing i can access the logical drive to dump files on)

Before some one says try looking at Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Manjero, MX Linux..... I did and here is what i found:

- even before the systemD thing i had a bad habit of of breaking it.
- Sluggish (even the so called light weight versions Lubuntu, Xfce, LXDE, LXQT)
- after SystemD constant reboot required to regain wifi connections

Linux Mint
- didnt break it.
- constant loss of wifi connections (as above ubuntu)
- sluggish

Manjero Main
- Sluggish (as with Linux Mint and Ubuntu to the point of being unusable).
- not sure i had it on long enough to see if it also dropped wifi connections.
- not sure i had it on long enough to see I would break it or it would break on me.

Manjero OpenRC
- found it and then it was being dumped.
- more responsive ( by quite a considerable amount).
- no wifi drop outs.
- became part of Artix (my understanding was that it wasnt going to be a full distro as such but an Arch/Manjero version of Devuan. beware my understanding could be wrong on this though).

MX Linux
- no wifi drop outs
- usable but slow (Manjero Open RC was faster more responsive)
- updates made it sluggish (at least on 32-bit and on low end 64-bit processors)

Test Beds were
Lenovo G series 1.3ghz cpu, ati graphics, 8 gig ram 64-bit
Aldi Medion media center athlon ii 2.6ghz cpu, radeon 5670 graphics card, 4gig ram 32-bit

The system I would like to install Devuan on a 50gig partition.

AMD 4130 Quad Core 3.8ghz CPU
8 gig ram
64- bit
Nvidea GForce GTX 650

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