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#1 Re: Off-topic » "I am devuan" advertisement » 2018-02-17 17:01:33

Looks more like a Libre Office advert to me.   Why not get it from the Devuan repos?

#2 News & Announcements » Devuan 2.0 ASCII Beta is here! » 2018-02-15 19:26:20

Replies: 19

Dear dev1rs

On February 14th 2015, Devuan unveiled a "pre-alpha" Valentine release
of Devuan Jessie [1] just a few months after the Veteran Unix Admins
declared their intention to fork Debian on November 27th 2014 [2].
That was the beginning of our collective journey. Now, three years later,
Valentine's day has more love for the Devuan community.  The long-awaited
release of Devuan 2.0 ASCII Beta (minor planet nr. 3568) is here!

## So what's new in Devuan 2.0 ASCII Beta?

- OpenRC is installable using the expert install path (thanks Maemo Leste!)
- eudev has replaced systemd-udev (thanks Gentoo!)
- elogind has been added as an alternative to consolekit (thanks Gentoo!)
- Desktop users can choose among fully functional XFCE (Default), KDE,
  Cinnamon, LXQT, MATE, and LXDE desktops
- CLI-oriented users can select the "Console productivity" task that installs
  a fully-featured set of console-based utils and tools.
- A .vdi disk image is now provided for use with VirtualBox.
- ARM board kernels have been updated to 4.14 and 4.15 for most boards.

Read the entire announcement

#5 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Upgrade warning for Miyo-XTRA Ascii (?) 2018/02/10 » 2018-02-12 22:42:37

MiyoLinux wrote:
golinux wrote:

I used to always have to do that.  Now Devuan comes personalized to my preferences.  LOL!

Hmmm...sounds almost as though you designed it or something. tongue


Who?  Me?  LOL!

#6 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Upgrade warning for Miyo-XTRA Ascii (?) 2018/02/10 » 2018-02-12 19:24:52

MiyoLinux wrote:

The desktop base (that included elogind) changed the custom grub screen background that I'd made for Miyo. It became the Dark Purpy background. It actually blends in pretty well...but I changed it back. tongue

Yes, desktop-base provides the default theme from boot to the desktop.

My philosophy has always been to let Miyo be Devuan. I don't blacklist any packages in case a user wants to use them. The themes may be wanted by users...and yes, I also hack on the desktop base grub screen background and theme text. wink

I used to always have to do that.  Now Devuan comes personalized to my preferences.  LOL!

#7 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Upgrade warning for Miyo-XTRA Ascii (?) 2018/02/10 » 2018-02-11 17:43:01

Isn't there a way to blacklist a package?  But then I suppose not having elogind could break other stuff like if someone is dual booting Miyo and KDE.  You really should be interacting with the devs about this maybe on irc.

#8 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Upgrade warning for Miyo-XTRA Ascii (?) 2018/02/10 » 2018-02-11 02:11:07

Did you install the new Devuan key before trying to upgrade?

#9 Re: Other Issues » Unable to format sdcard » 2018-02-05 21:05:14

Unfortunately, I can't answer your question but I can welcome you to the forum as our 500th member!!

#10 Re: Installation » pkgmaster is repository hell (continued) » 2018-02-05 17:08:49

fungus wrote:
deb tor://devuanfwojg73k6r.onion/merged ascii main contrib non-free
deb tor://devuanfwojg73k6r.onion/merged ascii-updates  main contrib non-free
deb tor://devuanfwojg73k6r.onion/merged ascii-security main contrib non-free
# deb tor:// ascii main contrib non-free
# deb tor:// ascii-updates  main contrib non-free
# deb tor:// ascii-security main contrib non-free

That helped to clarify the issue.  This is the tor address on  Please notice the deb tor+http://

deb tor+http://devuanfwojg73k6r.onion/merged jessie          main
deb tor+http://devuanfwojg73k6r.onion/merged jessie-updates  main
deb tor+http://devuanfwojg73k6r.onion/merged jessie-security main

If you just replace jessie with ascii without altering it in any other way, I was advised that tor will work perfectly.

Also please  remove tor:// when using pkgmaster and use http in that case.


#11 Re: Installation » pkgmaster is repository hell (continued) » 2018-02-05 02:45:34

fungus wrote:

Is devuanfwojg73k6r.onion = ?

<golinux>  Is and has the onion address of the repository been forwarded to pkgmaster
<KatolaZ> yes

KatolaZ requested that you post your sources.list.  Have any other repositories EVER been used on the ascii installations tested? 

Don't shoot the messenger.  I have never expressed a technical assessment on your issue because I have never used tor in conjunction with a repository.  Heck, I've barely used tor at all!  Without that experience I am unqualified to have an opinion or comprehend because I have no point of reference.  Instead, I have attempted to point you in the direction of those who could better help you sort things out.

#12 Re: Installation » pkgmaster is repository hell (continued) » 2018-02-04 18:59:08

Please post your sources.list . . . all of it.

#13 Re: Forum Feedback » Crossing the line or not? » 2018-02-04 18:11:20

These last three posts should be in the "pkgmaster is repository hell" thread.  I am unable to rejoin them to that existing thread so they have been split off to "pkgmaster is repository hell (continued)"

#14 Re: Other Issues » updating with SPM-Synaptic » 2018-02-04 17:08:31

Comment out the cdrom media in your sources.list and then synaptic should go to the live repositories.

#15 Re: Installation » pkgmaster is repository hell (continued) » 2018-02-04 16:11:58

2018-01-30 00:04:43 fsmithred: KatolaZ, I think I said pretty much the same thing on that thread.
2018-01-30 00:05:19 fsmithred: Only advantage I can see for https is if you don't want ISP or government to know what you're installing.
2018-01-30 00:06:06 fsmithred: which might be a legitimate concern for a few people
2018-01-30 00:13:40 FoxMuldV6: also think public wifi at starbucks or in a hotel.
2018-01-30 00:30:54 KatolaZ: fsmithred: didn't have much time to go through the whole thread tbh
2018-01-30 00:30:58 KatolaZ: got tired pretty early
2018-01-30 00:31:07 KatolaZ: read it diagonally
2018-01-30 00:31:24 KatolaZ: and spotted those inaccuracies in the reasoning . . .
2018-01-30 00:33:55 KatolaZ: FoxMuldV6: so what? your fello coffee-addicts can get to know that you installed nano?
2018-01-30 00:33:58 KatolaZ: o_O
2018-01-30 00:35:22 FoxMuldV6: I'm sure with the right distro there is bound to be a package 'pornhub-collection', and it's really noone's business when I install that! :-p
2018-01-30 00:35:45 KatolaZ: FoxMuldV6: big_smile
2018-01-30 00:36:07 KatolaZ: they should first break wifi auth
2018-01-30 00:36:40 KatolaZ: then manage to do an arp-spoofing with the gateway....
2018-01-30 00:37:00 KatolaZ: and/or
2018-01-30 00:37:04 KatolaZ: depending on the ap config
2018-01-30 00:37:21 KatolaZ: (normally LAN communication is not enabled by default)
2018-01-30 00:42:02 fsmithred: my main concern is that he said the onion address only works intermittently. So I'm testing it.
2018-01-30 00:42:47 fsmithred: oh, and that he gets different results whether he uses tor or not
2018-01-30 00:43:28 KatolaZ: fsmithred: that's quite unlikely
2018-01-30 00:43:36 KatolaZ: I have tested both http and https
2018-01-30 00:43:39 KatolaZ: and they are the same
2018-01-30 00:43:44 fsmithred: same here
2018-01-30 00:43:50 KatolaZ: just asked parazyd who has confirmed that http, https, and onion are the same
2018-01-30 00:43:53 KatolaZ: SO
2018-01-30 00:44:27 KatolaZ: the problem is probably elsewhere
2018-01-30 00:44:50 fsmithred: I was taught to check whether anyone else has the problem or if someone knows what I did wrong before I file a bug report
2018-01-30 00:46:35 KatolaZ: I would rather invest the time to fix anna/net-retriever for d-i smile
2018-01-30 00:46:51 KatolaZ: it's more useful to a much larger number of devuan users wink
2018-01-30 00:50:44 parazyd: it's literally impossible to get different results with https/http/tor if you're using pkgmaster in all 3
2018-01-30 00:52:42 KatolaZ: well, the only possibility is that there is a glitch on the debian side
2018-01-30 00:52:45 KatolaZ: with tor
2018-01-30 00:52:55 KatolaZ: which happened a couple of times, months ago
2018-01-30 00:57:18 parazyd: still no reason to get updates with tor and no updates through http(s)

#16 Re: Other Issues » Becoming a Devuan Maintainer (cut) » 2018-02-04 02:31:05

stanz wrote:

Username (Required)  Password (Required)

  * Log me in automatically each time I visit.

Thats what I get. Is that not just a 'lifetime cookie' thing?

Yes, it is a cookie.  If you come regularly, I think it keeps renewing because I never get logged out of any of the forums I frequent daily.

Never thought of it as keeping one logged in... ? smile
Will try it ~ Thx

I hope that it works for you.  Please let us know.

#17 Re: Other Issues » Becoming a Devuan Maintainer (cut) » 2018-02-04 01:53:59

stanz wrote:
golinux wrote:

I had a better Subject, but taking to long lost it.

If you click the option to stay logged in, you won't get bit by the timeout issue.

Pray`Tell...where is that option to click?  smile

On the login screen just under where you enter your password.  It says:

Log me in automatically each time I visit.

That keeps you logged in if you visit here regularly.   I suppose there would eventually be a timeout but certainly not during a session.

#18 Re: Off-topic » Music » 2018-02-03 22:31:16

Am I supposed to know who that is?

#19 Re: Off-topic » Music » 2018-02-03 21:57:53

@Miyo . . . Lazy Saturday?

#20 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » On acsii, plasma and the power button. » 2018-02-02 23:34:39

@Miyo . . . steve_v has long since left the building.  But he did test after I asked him to see if elogind fixed things and he said:

Yes, power management in KDE now works, if eudev & elogind are installed.

#21 Re: Off-topic » Devuan Socks » 2018-02-02 17:31:05

An upside-down swoosh.  Looks weird . . .

#22 Re: Off-topic » Why This Website Have A Copy Of » 2018-02-02 16:54:53

Thanks.  If you upgrade to ascii you can see the darkpurpy Xfce desktop!

#23 Re: Off-topic » Getting to know you » 2018-02-01 23:11:26

sgage wrote:
golinux wrote:

Everyone is entitled to their meltdowns and confusion as long as they take responsibility instead of imagining that it's someone else's fault.

γραφω λογον said "I also like the social contract which states, quite simply and objectively, why the goals of this project do not fit my personal needs." That seems to be a bit self-contradictory, but anyway I'd like to know where I can find the social contract. I poked around a bit, and can't seem to find it...

I was also confused by that.   Debian has a social contract.   Devuan has the (almost) no Code of Conduct.  Is the poster referring to the Debian or the Devuan document.  And what in whichever document does not fit their "personal needs"?

#24 Re: Off-topic » Getting to know you » 2018-02-01 16:23:45

Everyone is entitled to their meltdowns and confusion as long as they take responsibility instead of imagining that it's someone else's fault.

#25 Re: Off-topic » Getting to know you » 2018-02-01 02:37:22

γραφω λογον wrote:

golinux, you can just go ahead and "ban" me if you want and it's no big deal at all.

Why on earth would I do that?  I hope that your continuing Linux adventures are more successful than it seems your encounter with Devuan was.  I guess we'll never know what your issues/problems were that might make you decide to remove it and reclaim your HDD . . .

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