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#1 2017-03-07 07:07:13

From: Clifton Hill, Victoria, AUS
Registered: 2016-11-30
Posts: 1,098 comes to the dev1galaxy forum

The newest addition to the forum intends to make (gdo) more directly accessible and understandable to Devuan users as well as to (hopefully) help solve outstanding project issues posted at gdo.

Every project and issue at gdo can now be found on dev1galaxy via the two special "Projects" and "Issues" forums in the new "" section.

The Projects forum ( organizes Devuan projects into two categories - "devuan-packages / infrastructure" and "other projects".  Both categories are presented as alphabetical and activity ordered lists. The project lists offer a short description (if available) and a convenient, single-click access to all projects at

The Issues forum ( holds threads that are automagically created by dev1galaxy's trusty "gdolink" bot, from all open issues at  The bot will add newly opened issues (if any) to the Issue lists, every 30 minutes.  Posting these issues on d1g will give greater exposure to issues that are currently buried in the gdo 'cave' (which is perceived as inaccessible by some).  Opening parallel forum threads provides opportunity for discussion and collaborative problem solving that will accelerate Devuan's progress and usability.

Note that the posts in these issue threads are distinct from the comment discussion on gdo.  However, when a post suggests a solution to an issue, or has information to advance it, a project team member will be able to capture the post as an original issue comment at gdo.

Finally, the "gdo Help Desk" is the place to ask questions about gdo and to post tips that will help familiarize users with how gdo works.


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