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#1 2017-01-15 15:09:35

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Enhancing simple-netaid

At this time I am working on simple-netaid-gui and simple-netaid-backend to support open wifis and possibly other security systems other than WPA2. I read that WEP and WPA1 should not be used as they offer weak security that can easily be cracked.

I am using "iwlist wlan0 scan" to get the security settings of any surrounding wifis.

Anyone interested in simple-netaid who knows of a WIFI hotspot using WEP or anything other than WPA2 is encouraged to post the output of "iwlist wlan0 scan". I am only surrounded by WIFI sources all of which use WPA2.

Since WPA2 is also capable to communicate with a WEP router, at least that is what I read, supporting WPA2 in simple-netaid should also support WEP. But, this is my reasoning, as I cannot do any tests without having access to a hotspot using WEP.

If no answers are received I will continue by supporting WPA2 and open unsecured wifis. For that latter I can disable security on my home wifi for a few hours for the purpose of testing.

Constructive and civil comments are appreciated.

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#2 2017-01-22 18:35:39

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Re: Enhancing simple-netaid

I am almost ready upgrading the codeto support both secure and open wifi hotspots. A couple more functions, and it should be ready. This time, it is a complex commit involving several enhancements.

i) A new system of error reporting implemented in the C backend. Error messages now involve the file name, the function name and a text code to help debugging. C macros have been used together with normal C functions.
ii) A new backend command to list  the security settings of every essid (connection) file.
iii) Essid files now also contain what security system is required by individual connections. This has been added as a comment.
iv) Error reporting code for the backend has been compacted to make the source clearer to read.
v) backend.h removed and its contents copied to sn_error.h. snb_types.h created to hold two enumerations used by backend.c and core_functions.c.
vi) The frontend GUI now displays icons (Adwaita theme) in the connections list boxe, physical network interfaces list box and in the Create or Edit Connection dialog box. The list box of the latter is now owner drawn to use icons to represent various characteristics of surrounding wifi hotspots. Wifi power, frequency and security are displayed as icons excluding frequency till now.
Please note, I will make an effort to avoid having to force the Adwaita theme on users. I will find a way to use other means to provide the icons.
vii) GUI users can now point and click in the Create or Edit Connection dialog box.

Hopefully, that is all. I am saving it here to refer to it when I finally push all these changes.

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