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#1 2023-09-03 18:15:47

From: Fragle Rock
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Devuan on Fediverse

Greetings Dev1 Galaxy,

For a long time, Devuan has had outlets in social media on various platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc). This allows the project to reach people who would not instinctively look up information on the website, don't visit the IRC channels, as well as people who wouldn't even know where to look if they wanted to.

There are many reasons to be careful with social media. These networks tend to be closed source, owned by large corporations with little opportunities for their users to discover the web at large.

However, one such network stands in contrast to that paradigm that many of  you have probably heard of or used. It's been around for about 14 years, is maintained by people for people and built with free and opensource technologies. It is commonly known as the "Fediverse".

From wikipedia

The fediverse (a portmanteau of "federation" and "universe") is an ensemble of social networks, which, while independently hosted, can communicate with each other. ActivityPub, a W3C standard, is the most widely used protocol that powers the fediverse. Users on different websites can send and receive updates from others across the network.

With this post i would like to announce that Devuan now has an account on one of the servers that comprise the federation.

You can find the profile here:

It will be used to announce releases, future events and create awareness about Devuan on the Fediverse at large. It is currently managed by Jaromil and myself.

If you are a user of the Fediverse, consider keeping track of the Devuan account and please, suggest projects and people for us to follow!

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#2 2023-09-04 06:37:35

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Re: Devuan on Fediverse

This is excellent news! Thank you.

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#3 2024-07-02 04:44:09

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Re: Devuan on Fediverse

Just followed. Thanks for having this. I have never had a Twitter account and will never have one so it's nice being able to keep up with the project.


#4 2024-07-04 06:35:56

From: I'm not here: U R halucinating
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Re: Devuan on Fediverse

Where can Devuan be found in the original fediverse?

If not done already, please let Gmane or Gwene forward the mailing lists to NNTP.

... and mention them e.g. here.

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#5 2024-07-06 04:27:43

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Re: Devuan on Fediverse

I'm in as GlennsPref. Thank you for the info.

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