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#1 2024-06-13 19:03:58

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How handle network interface naming for SOME interfaces (VF/SR-IOV)

As long as I was on debian (bullseye so far), virtual functions
(VF) from SR-IOV interfaces have had a relation to its physical
part (PF), like here from an Intel X710:

enp66s0f0	PF
enp66s10f80v0   VF
enp66s10f81v1	VF

This seems no longer the case, at least for my daedalus setup
and even the "80/81" (in the names above) are really ugly.
If I have 5 physical inferfaces, they are named from eth0 to eth4.
If I issue "echo 8 cat /sys/class/net/<IFACE>/device/sriov_numvfs"
this generates a sequence of new interfaces (VFS), just as numbered
as eth<N> and after my existing ifaces, so starting with eth5 ....
Then I repeat this for the second NIC and the chaos
is complete and they should be applied to QEMU and LCC without
pooling, I must be able to map a VF to a PF (for example, to end up
on a 10GbE port/VF).

I made a script for this (the same, the sets the sriov_numvfs
value). So, if eth5 is my 10GbE port0 (in 0-1), then  I create
the names for the new IFs like:
eth5-00 - eth5-07 and the same for the second NIC.

I have not tried it in "rc.local" just now, but this is,
what I di on my debian (rename not done).
But is there a better place, I am not just en par with
sysv-int? And other hint about the interface naming
are reallay welcome!



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