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#1 2024-06-07 18:16:56

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Issues with Minecraft & Audio

Ive been getting this really weird thing happening. I’m running Minecraft release 1.7.10 through the official launcher trying to join my server through a subdomain but it won’t even show the status of the server. I go to a recent version of the game it pings fine. I’ve tried downloading a third party game client but nothing. I have also changed DNS server. I have also turned off my firewall. I have also tried pinging other servers on 1.7.10 with subdomains and that works no issues. I’ve also tried pinging another domain I own with another provider. I’ve also tried checking my Windows 11 system that works fine so it ain’t Minecraft.

Separate issue:
I’ve also been getting strange audio sounds when I hit the backspace button, the same volume it plays when the audio is muted. Ive tried installing the non free firmware because I thought it might help it but no.



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