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#1 2024-05-23 21:59:10

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Question regarding devuan and hibernate

Hello everybody,
today I've asked the same question on r/devuan, but I have the feeling that this forum might be more useful.
Anyways, I'll copy/paste/reformat my question from the r/devuan link:

copy/paste from r/devuan wrote:

Hello everybody, after the xz-lib-backdoor-desaster I finally decided to switch over to devuan a couple of weeks ago. Somehow feels like living in the 80's (just kidding, there was no real internet back then...). Surprisingly enough, most stuff just works.

One thing that is not really working is hibernate. My laptop (asus vivobook m3201) does go into hibernate when asked and comes back from hibernate as expected. But afterwords the internet isn't working any more. In the sense that wlan is connected and all, but I do no get through to any site any more. The usual actions like disconnect and reconnect the wlan don't work.

In the end I wrote a small script that:
- stops the network-manager and networking
- unloads the modules mt7921e mt7921_common mt76_connac_lib mt76
- reloads these modules
- restarts the networking and network-manager

So every time the system goes to sleep I afterwards have to run that script. Which works consistently. But I remember from about 15 years ago that I had to deal with a similar problem in debian. And there was some kind of workaround for that, like letting hibernate to these actions on its own. Does anybody know of a more reliable / system-integrated way to do this?


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Re: Question regarding devuan and hibernate

Assuming elogind (pretty sure that's the default these days): Here, here, here and here.
Also websearch keywords: elogind thaw hook

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