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#26 2017-09-10 20:10:51

From: Any witch way
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Re: Ascii & Ceres lightdm/xorg broken

I do something similar, I make a new user and copy the stuff of one to the new, adjust the rights if necessary and then let it adjust to its new home.
The stuff commonly under desktop (docu, downl, media, etc,) I use for all installations in one common place and access them with fm.  As I am usually on openbox and like the clean open bg.
Even though at times I spend 90% of my time on one distribution, there is always an itch to see what others are doing.  So I end up with 7 or 8 installations at the time.  Most only get a 10GB partition and end up being around 3-5GB in size.  There are always good ideas on one that can transfer on another.


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